Step-by-Step Customization

We want using our resources to be as easy as possible. Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to customize a Quaver lesson.

Unleash your creativity with Quaver’s customization capabilities! Quaver’s Curriculum Lessons are editable, shareable, and printable! Through customization you can add or delete screens, change the order, import resources from Quaver’s Library, and even import your own teaching resources.

Let’s get started:

1. Access your Teacher-Only Resources

Once you’ve logged in, you can select either the TEACHER tab, located at the bottom of the screen, or the yellow TEACHER ACCESS Bus Stop sign, located on the lower left side.


2. Click the Curriculum Icon

You will be directed to the Teacher Dashboard, a hub for all your teacher-only resources. Go to the left side of the screen and click the Curriculum Icon.


3. Select a Lesson

Select any lesson to open a preview of the content inside, then click CUSTOMIZE.


4. Give your Lesson a Title

The lesson will open in your Resource Manger. From here you can give your custom lesson a title, reorganize the slide order, and drag and drop resources into the lesson!


5. Add a New Screen

Click NEW in the top menu bar and then choose NEW SCREEN to add resources you already own, such as YouTube clips, audio files, hyperlinks, and more!


Give your new screen a title, paste/attach the file, and edit the notes. When you’re ready to add it to your lesson, click SAVE.


And Boom-Chicka-Boom! You can access your custom lesson anytime from the MY CUSTOM LESSONS tab of your Lesson Selection Menu.