Song Additions and Upgrades: October 2017

Our Fall release is full of new content! Here’s a complete list of new activities in ClassPlay and the Quaver Curriculum!

13 Boom-Chicka-Brilliant ClassPlay Songs:

  1. Happy: Your students will love moving and grooving to this hit song by Pharrell Williams!
  2. Hamama Noudy Noudy: Introduce students to a story song in Arabic featuring the oud and tabla!
  3. To Work Upon the Railway: This Irish American work song may be in a minor key, but it will surely get your toes tapping.
  4. Morning Is Come: Develop vocal technique and partwork skills with this canon in 3/4 meter.
  5. Frosty Weather: This folk song from Ireland is perfect for preparing the melodic concept of ‘re’.
  6. Pawpaw Patch: Students will love the play party for this American folk song, great for practicing sixteenth notes.
  7. Oats and Beans and Barley Grow: This folk song from England gets students singing and moving with a circle game in 6/8 meter.
  8. Whether the Weather: This original Quaver Pre-K song encourages movement and tempo changes!
  9. Eureka!: Connect music to science with this original Quaver tune about some of our society’s greatest inventors!
  10. Monster Groove: Learn a spooky monster dance with this Quaver original Halloween song!
  11. Miami: Grab some percussion instruments and play along to the Latin beat in this Quaver original.
  12. What We Learned Today: Engage students in reflection, or use this song as an exit ticket to assess understanding.
  13. I Can’t Wait: Give younger students structure by ending each class with this Quaver original goodbye song!

New Cross-Curricular ClassPlay Screens:


  1. “Eureka! Inventors” connects music to history by highlighting inventors including Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers.
  2. “Make Your Own Lyrics” invites students to rewrite the words of “Eureka!” Literacy challenge: accepted!
  3. “What We Learned Today” encourages students to write and discuss what they learned in music class!