Quaver Songs with NEW Full Score

Located in the Song Hub, our Full Score offers Key/Tempo Options – allowing you to teach lyrics or instrument parts of a song at a slower tempo, in a different key, or both!

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New Full Score page with the Key/Tempo options built in on the following:

  1. Yes, I Can!
  2. Wheels on the Bus
  3. The Star-Spangled Banner
  4. She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain
  5. Long and Short Sounds
  6. Hot Cross Buns
  7. Disco Sensation
  8. Go and Stop
  9. London Bridge
  10. Around the Green Gravel
  11. Musical Periods
  12. Great Big House in New Orleans
  13. I Love the Mountains
  14. Woodwind Animals
  15. Blast Off
  16. Waltzing Like Wallabies
  17. Tideo
  18. The Eyes of Texas
  19. Jumpin’ Jacks
  20. Rocky Mountain/Walking Home
  21. Lunch Box Song
  22. Last Second Goal
  23. Land of the Silver Birch
  24. Oh! Susanna
  25. Kangaroo, Kangaroo
  26. Agent V7
  27. Bluebird
  28. Buffalo Gals
  29. Oh, How Lovely
  30. This Old Man
  31. The Farmer in the Dell
  32. Camptown Races

The list of songs with adjustable scores continues to grow! Search “Key/Tempo” in the Quaver Library or see a complete list here.