Easily Track Student Growth with Digital Portfolios!

September 7, 2017

Have you been searching for easy ways to track student growth in your classroom? It can be hard for music teachers to show the growth they see in their students each year! Portfolios have become a popular way to demonstrate and track this growth. Join Graham Hepburn and Otto Gross on Monday, September 11th as they […]

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Science and Your Music Classroom?

August 29, 2017

Today, we’re digging into another Quaver update that will help you easily connect to other subjects this school year!  New Feature #2: Science of Sound For users with access to: 4th Grade Curriculum  Quaver’s Science of Sound Project is an easy way to start making science connections in your music classroom! Previously only available to […]

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Bring Classical Compositions- and History!- to Life

August 24, 2017

Have you had a chance to explore our recent updates? Here on the blog, we will be digging deeper into these new features, uncovering the details that will help enhance your teaching! New Feature #1: About The Piece For users with access to: Curriculum & ClassPlay About The Piece is a fantastic activity that enhances your students’ […]

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Energize your Teaching with Cross Curricular Connections!

August 21, 2017

Looking for easy ways to connect to other subjects this school year? Over the next couple of weeks, we will be digging deeper into our August content release, which is packed with easy-to-implement cross-curricular connections to science, history, and more. This release includes: A New Special Project in 4th Grade More than 40 New Classical Song […]

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Make Assessments Easy for Early Readers

May 23, 2017

Assessment headaches got you down? This iPad setting may help you adapt assessments for early readers, ELLs, and students with vision impairments! Assessing individual students can be a logistical challenge in the music classroom. Teachers often have too little time with too many students, and many with exceptionalities that make assessment difficult. If you have […]

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