How to Create Classes and Add Students to your GradeBook

TeacherAdministratrionLOGO_(RGB)ss_mh4Quaver’s Teacher Administration Tools allow you to organize your students into classes and give assignments and assessments at

When enrolled in an active GradeBook class, students also have access to the STUDENT tab which unlocks our 60+ Student Interactives for their use anytime!

Follow the instructions below to prepare for the school year in two steps:

  1. Create classes in your GradeBook

  2. Create student accounts and enroll them in a GradeBook class

Teacher Admin

Setup Task One: Create classes in your GradeBook

This task is completely teacher-led. It can be completed in less than thirty minutes.

Follow these steps to create your classes:

  • Login to your account
  • Click the TEACHER TAB to access the School Bulletin Board
  • Click TEACHER ADMINISTRATION on the School Bulletin Board
  • Click MANAGE CLASSES to open your existing class list

Manage Classes

If you’re a returning Quaver teacher, you can easily hide last year’s classes by checking the ARCHIVE box next to each. New teachers will see a blank slate, ready to fill with happy classes!

Now, you’re ready to add your classes.

Most teachers choose to create a class for each group of students they see (i.e. Ms. Miller’s 1st Grade), but you may prefer to group all your 2nd Graders in one class. Think about how you would like to view grades and distribute assignments, and organize your classes in the way that works best for you.

To add a class to your list:

  • Click ADD at the bottom of the screen
  • Complete the information on this Edit Class screen as shown below – the first four fields are required, while the additional details below are optional
  • Click SAVE to return to your list – now with one more class!
  • Continue until all your classes are represented

Add Class

Once you see all your happy classes listed on the Manage Classes tab, you are ready to retrieve your Class Codes which we will use to auto-enroll your students in the correct classes in Task Two!

To record your Class Codes:

  • Click MAIN MENU to return to the Teacher Administration Menu

Enroll Students

  • From this screen you can select each class from the drop down using the triangle next to EDIT CLASS
  • Each class selection will generate a different 6-digit Class Code in the top left corner of the page
  • Make a list of the Class Code associated with each respective class name and move on to Task Two!


Setup Task Two: Create Student Accounts

This task will require a computer lab, class cart of netbooks, or a dedicated computer in your classroom where each student can create an account.

Now that you have all your new classes ready, the final step is to get your students enrolled in their new classes – by grade or classroom teacher or whatever organization system you’ve chosen!

Guide students to create their own accounts:

  • Go to
  • Click the SIGN UP window in the upper right corner


  • Create a QuaverName
  • Create a Password
  • Enter an email address

Note about email address: This is the address students will use if they forget their Quaver Name or Password. We recommend using your teacher email address for all accounts so you can quickly respond to in-class password crises. Some teachers even create a new email account just for Quaver alerts. If you choose this option, be sure you are getting alerts regarding incoming email so you don’t miss these requests from students.

  • Click “Agree” to Terms of Use
  • Click Submit
  • Return to and click LOG IN
  • Log In using the QuaverName and Password created above
  • The next time they visit to Log In, instruct students to enter the correct Class Code in the Log In Screen.

  • Click CLICK HERE next to the call out for a Special Code and enter the correct Class Code for the Class you want them to join! They’ll only need to do this once and then – when logged in – will always see the STUDENT TAB and have access to assignments and Student Interactives anytime!

Once students have used the code to log in, you should see each name appear in your Class List on the Enroll Students screen, and they will have access to any assignments created for the new class! 

You did it! Now you’re ready for a great school year!

As students move classes or leave your school, you can manually delete them from the class from the Enroll Students screen OR give them a new Class Code to change their class enrollment. They will keep all old assignments tied to their QuaverName.


Give it a try and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions! We can also create student accounts for you through bulk import of student information. Let us know if you’d like more information on that process. We’re here to help!