Encourage Active Listening with Mobile Activities

Users of the Quaver Curriculum are probably familiar with our Sound-n-Pic activities. These seemingly simple boards offer countless opportunities to evaluate listening skills in the classroom.

Sound n Pic

This year, we are rolling out mobile activities that work alongside many of these boards to translate the learning to students individually or in groups.

Click TOOLS > MOBILE to pull up a QR code and distribute the mobile version of the activity to your students. 



From here, you’ll continue to lead the activity, playing each piece from the front of the room while students drag and drop their answer into the corresponding square.

Just look at the active listening happening in your classroom!

Find our new Active Listening Activities for Mobile in the following Curriculum locations.

Location Key:

  • KLP13-08
  • K = Kindergarten
  • LP13 = Lesson Plan 13
  • -08 = Screen 8
Express the Contour KLP13-08
Fast or Slow Movement KLP25-06
Voice Detectives KLP32-06
Meters of 2 and 4 1LP04-05
Name that Meter 1LP06-02
Ice Cream Rhythms in 2 1LP07-04
Ice Cream Rhythms in 4 1LP07-05
Goofy Pets 1LP10-09
My Voice is an Instrument 1LP11-03
High and Low Pitches 1LP21-03
Which String Instrument Am I? 1LP28-07
Find the Meter 2LP04-12
Guess the Meter 2LP06-09
You Decide! 2LP13-12
Which Period Is It? 3LP12-05
Style Detectives 3LP12-010
Rhythm Dictation 3LP15-07
Assess the Blues 3LP23-09
Tempo Assessment 3LP26-09
Do You Hear Sixteenth Notes? 4LP03-04
Identify the Melody 4LP07-04
Major or Minor? 4LP08-04
Conducting Challenge 4LP11-10, 4LP12-10
More Conducting 4LP11-05
Major or Minor? 4LP13-11
Rhythm Dictation 4LP15-05
Which Period Is It? 4LP25-11
Solo Instrument Ear Candy 5LP18-03
Costume Change 5LP18-05
Strings Are Everywhere! 5LP21-03
Using What We Learned 5LP22-08
Analyze the Elements 6LP06-04
Sound Observations 6LP14-13