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Welcome to Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music – the blog that is!

Here you’ll find the heart, humor, and happenings of the folks behind QuaverMusic.com & Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music. We’re putting the “play” back in playing and understanding music, one kid at a time.

Not sure just exactly what a Quaver is? Fear no more.

Meet Quaver himself:

Both students and teachers love Quaver – the wacky yet wise music shop proprietor at the center of our teaching resources! Students love his hilarious approach to illustrating musical concepts, and teachers appreciate him as the energetic teaching assistant they’ve always wanted. The result is energetic classrooms, greater retention by students, rejuvenated music programs, and a lifelong love for music in students. After all, learning music should be FUN, and Quaver wouldn’t have it any other way!

In his DVD series:

Quaver takes kids on an exciting journey through his imaginative music shop, inspiring them to discover and love music! With the help of a music laboratory, live recording studio, time-traveling phone box, and cast of hilarious characters, Quaver introduces young people to the wonderful world of music like they’ve never seen it before!

In our online teaching resources:

Quaver equips teachers with loads of resources to launch their class into seriously fun 21st Century Learning. From a comprehensive K-5 curriculum with fully developed lessons for the entire school year, to engaging supplemental programs, Quaver’s teacher-led, interactive tools have students keyed into the day’s concepts from the second class begins.

Online there’s even more for kids:

At QuaverMusic.com, young people will find a cutting-edge virtual world where they can write and produce their own music! They’ll use the music theory they’ve learned so well, explore the music of cultures around the world, and download their creations to share with friends and family.

So if you LOVE music, TEACH music, or know some kids looking to LEARN more about music – we’re glad you’re here.  Everything we do is aimed at making learning music serious fun!


Here on the blog:

You can expect to find behind-the-scenes looks at what’s going on at Quaver HQ, exclusive walkthroughs of new venues, games, and features on QuaverMusic.com, and profiles of teachers, parents, and students using Quaver around the world! Plus you’ll get the Quaver spin on the latest in the world of music education and kids!

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