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by Abby @ Quaver on May 4, 2017

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We know every second is precious in your music classroom. You may only see your students for half an hour each week, and you can’t afford to waste any valuable class-time. As a creator of online curriculum resources, we are always looking for ways to help teachers make the most of their time with students. Today’s tip will help teachers save teaching time by caching content you plan to use that day!

Save loading time: pre-load your Quaver resources 

Before your class begins, you can pre-load each individual resource by clicking through the lesson content. Once loaded, the content will be cached, or stored, on your browser, and will load quickly when you get to it in class.

This is easy to do from any Quaver Lesson or from the Resource Manager.

From a Quaver Lesson:

From the Lesson Summary Screen of any Quaver Lesson, clicking the green LAUNCH button on the left side of the screen will automatically launch the lesson in a new tab, starting with the Welcome Screen. Here’s an example from our Kindergarten Song-Based Lesson, Flight of the Bumblebee:

Launch the whole lesson

Here you see the Welcome screen, opened in a second tab in this user’s browser of choice, Safari:

Welcome Screen

Now we’re off and running. To pre-load additional screens, just click the yellow NEXT arrow in your navigation bar.

Next button

From the Resource Manager:

In the same way, you can use the Resource Manager to create a custom lesson with content you plan to use each day. That will make it easy to pre-load each screen AND save you time searching for what’s next.

From your Teacher Dashboard click Resource Manager and follow the steps below to create a custom lesson!

1) Create a Lesson

  • On the right side of the Resource Manager you’ll see a set of folders and a MENU and HELP button. Select any Folder by clicking the folder icon to identify the location your new Lesson will live.
  • To create your very own lesson from scratch: click MENU and select NEW LESSON from the drop-down menu.

Create New Lesson

  • Give your lesson a name, like “1st Grade Week 2,” and hit OK.

New Lesson Name

Boom-Chicka-Boom! You’ll find your new lesson waiting for you in your custom folder.

2) Add Screens to your Lesson

Now that you’ve created a lesson, you can easily add the day’s screens to your custom lesson! Click on the lesson you want to customize. A Preview Window will appear at the bottom of the screen. Select EDIT and now ready you’re ready to drag-and-drop your favorite resources into your lesson.

Edit Lesson

To find content for your lesson, search using the SEARCH BAR or the icons in the center of the screen. Then drag-and-drop resources into your custom lesson.

3) Pre-load your Custom Lesson

From here you can click LAUNCH in the top right corner of Resource Manager to launch your Custom Lesson and click through each screen to pre-load your content, customized to the day!

Launch Custom Lesson

Don’t let slow internet hold up learning in your music classroom!

Try pre-loading your lesson content for a smoother lesson presentation. Let us know how it works for you!

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