Ensure Your Students are Performance-Ready

by Abby @ Quaver on April 20, 2017

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A better way to improve vocal technique!

Picture this: Your students are preparing for their end-of-the-year performance, and you notice they’re still struggling with vowel tones. Time to pull out your handy-dandy Quaver Choral Toolbox! Located within our Choral Resources is a Choral Toolbox that is loaded with activities that extend the learning and fit your teaching needs. From vocal warm-ups to assessments, this Toolbox provides you with resources needed to reiterate proper vocal techniques with your students.

Quaver Choral Resources are available to Curriculum users with access to Grades K-3.

How to access our Choral Toolbox:

  1. Log in to QuaverMusic.com
  2. Click the Teacher Tab to navigate to the Teaching Resources
  3. Click the Quaver Choral Resources icon, located in the middle of the Teacher Dashboard
  4. Choose any of the categories from the Choral Toolbox, located directed under the Choral Lessons

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Unpacking our Choral Toolbox:


Icebreakers are great for getting your students mentally and physically ready to sing! Activities, such as Singing Position and Perfect Position, help students practice proper singing position while standing and sitting. Along with positioning, breath control is also very important in singing. Prepare the Breath and Fire the Engines help students with proper breathing technique. Other activities like Rocky Mountain Dance, Shaker Icebreaker, and 3/4 Meter help incorporate movement and introduce dynamics.

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Get your students vocally ready with any of our Warm-ups! Students can practice using consonants with our Beatbox Warm-up, focus on vowel shape with Hooty Owl Vowel, Tonel Vowels, and Building Diphthongs, or work on breathing with Bridging the Breath, Breath Anatomy, or Fiddle Breaths. After you’ve covered the basics of breath control and tone, have students sing using our Solfège Ladder, Stop and Go Harmonies, Fly Through the Line, and more!



Sight-reading is important when introducing students to a new piece. Each of our Sight-reading activities correlate with a song in our Choral Lesson – providing you with a variety of keys and meter options. 

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Planning Resources

The Planning Resources section of the Choral Toolbox includes a Getting Started with Choir guide that helps you plan, prepare, and play. When planning your program, you need to choose songs for students to perform. Our Selecting Repertoire guide helps you determine the songs you should include in your program.


If you’re looking for any of the Choral Lesson worksheets, then check out the Assessments section of the Toolbox! You can also find our interactive Performance Evaluation rubric – perfect for evaluating individual and group performances and emphasizing goals for the choir.

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Additional Resources

In the Additional Resources section you’ll find a Pitch Pipe and some of your favorite resources like Explore the Modes, Bell Challenge, Solfège Guide, and more!

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Start unpacking our Choral Toolbox today, and let us know what your favorite tool is!

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