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by Abby @ Quaver on April 6, 2017

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Upgrade Your Student’s Singing Skills!

Teachers now have access to 10 new Choral lessons, each focusing on an original, world, folk, or classical piece. These adaptable lessons include icebreakers, warm-ups, canons, and more PLUS a handy Choral Toolbox loaded with additional resources for sight-reading, planning, assessments, and much more! Let’s check out an original Choral Lesson, “Why in the Sky!”

How to access “Why in the Sky:”

  1. Log in to
  2. Click the Teacher Tab to navigate to the Teaching Resources
  3. Click the Quaver Choral Resources icon, located in the middle of the Teacher Dashboard
  4. Select “Why in the Sky” from the Choral Resources menu

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Unpacking Quaver Choral Lesson “Why in the Sky:”

1) Icebreaker

Get your students mentally and physically ready to sing! Each Choral Lesson provides 1-2 Icebreaker activities. Prepare the Body is a great activity to encourage students to take deep breaths and cleanse their minds and bodies.

2) Warm-up

Along with Icebreakers, each Choral Lesson includes 1-2 Warm-ups to get yours students vocally ready. Warm-ups such as Beatbox help engage the breath and practice consonant sounds, Beautiful Tone focus on vowel shapes, and Building Diphthongs combine two vowel sounds into one.


3) Canon

Once your students are warmed-up, use the Canon to implement the techniques learned to develop musicality and vocal independence. Canons are very useful for developing aural skills and proper choral technique before the work of learning the main song begins.

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4) Sight-Reading

Each Sight-reading activity included in the lesson correlates with the main song. The “Why in the Sky” sight-reading challenge is in the same meter and key as the piece, and features melodic and rhythmic patterns from the song. You can even switch the level of difficulty by selecting either the bronze, silver, or gold medals and perform it at various tempos. Select the Score button in the bottom right to sight-read the entire challenge!

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5) Focus on the Music

Our Focus on the Music screens have broken the song into teachable chunks. For “Why in the Sky,” students will start by learning the beautiful, long phrases and demonstrating the appropriate places to breathe with Mark the Phrases. You’ll then move on to Part Builder, which is an element that allows you to look at rhythm or solfège to teach your students the new part of the song. You can have them find this new par in their music, or press play to hear it in the song. The final Focus on the Music screen, Harmony Finder, lets students use their aural and music reading skills to identify the optional harmony part of “Why in the Sky.”


Once your students are comfortable with each part, then you’re ready to put it all together and perform the full song!

6) Connections

If you need a break during rehearsal, our Connections screen introduces and explores cross-curricular concepts connected to “Why in the Sky.” They can learn about different cloud types and the Wright brother’s first flight!

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7) Assessment/Performance Evaluation

Similar to Quaver’s Curriculum Lessons, each Choral Lesson includes an Assessment to help assess music literacy and skills addressed through the song. We also included a Performance Evaluation screen that allows you to evaluate individual and group performances. Use the highlighters to select individual cells and emphasize goals for the choir. You can also click on any square to read details of that expectation.


Dig into our Choral Resources today! For even more help, click here to learn more about Choral Resources from Quaver Trainer, Emmy!


Do you have a favorite Choral Lesson?

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