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by Abby @ Quaver on January 10, 2017

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Each Tuesday, we bring you a Tip of the Week to make using your Quaver resources easier than ever!

Today’s Tip is for all QuaverMusic.com programs: Curriculum, ClassPlay, and Essentials!

Have you had a chance to check out our new ClassPlay songs?

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be digging deeper into more new features released in December! 

New Feature #2: New Student Interactives

Our library of Student Interactives continues to grow with the transformation of 13 Interactive Whiteboard Elements. Teacher favorites including Instrument Crane, Instrument Anatomies, and many more are now easily accessible. Just like all our Student Interactives, these activities work great on mobile devices!

Let’s check out the popular Instrument Crane! Our interactive Instrument Crane allows students to sort instruments into the different instrument families: brass, woodwind, string, and percussion.

How to access Instrument Crane:

  1. Log in to QuaverMusic.com with a Teacher Account
  2. Click the yellow STUDENT INTERACTIVES bus sign or use the golden TEACHER TAB to choose STUDENT INTERACTIVES from the Teacher Dashboard
  3. Select INSTRUMENTS AND KNOWLEDGE from the Student Interactives menu
  4. Scroll down to bottom of the list to find INSTRUMENT CRANE
  5. Click LAUNCH or choose QR CODE to have students access this activity on their mobile devices


Learning Instruments with Instrument Crane:

1) Introduce

Use the PREP mode to introduce students to the instruments that make up the brass, woodwind, string, and percussion families. Have them listen to an audio clip of the instrument playing by clicking the image. You can even toggle the INSTRUMENT NAMES to OFF to see if they can name the instrument.


2) Practice

After you’ve introduced the instruments, switch over to TEACHER MODE to have students practice sorting each instrument into it’s proper family. You can even challenge your older students by toggling the PICTURES to OFF and having them decide by just listening to a clip of the instrument playing.


3) Assess

When your students are ready, try GAME MODE to assess their instrument knowledge as they race against the clock to drop each instrument into the correct box. You can even have students compete in small groups around the classroom to see which team gets the most points – creating some friendly competition.


Find the complete list of new Student Interactives here.


How do you use Instrument Crane in your classroom?

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