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by Abby @ Quaver on January 5, 2017

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Introducing Quaver’s Custom Curriculum Builder!

If there’s one thing teachers love to do, it’s customize! We are excited to introduce a new and easy way to access and manipulate custom content created at QuaverMusic.com. Our new Custom Curriculum Builder, located to the left of the Teacher Dashboard, allows you to access all your custom lessons in one place. You can even build your own Modules using Custom Lessons shared within your District, Quaver Curriculum Lessons, and Song-Based Lessons. Let the customization extravaganza begin!

How to access the Custom Curriculum Builder:

  1. Log in to QuaverMusic.com with a Teacher Account
  2. Click the TEACHER TAB
  3. Select CUSTOM CURRICULUM, located on the left-side of the Teacher Dashboard


How to customize with Quaver’s Custom Curriculum Builder

Custom Menu

The first thing you’ll see is the Custom Menu. It looks a little bit like the Lesson Selection Menu you’re use to seeing except it’s empty. At the top of the screen is a Teacher and a District menu. The Teacher menu is for your personal curriculum, while the District menu is for your entire district.*


*The district-wide menu can be edited by your district’s Supervisor or Lead Teacher. If you have questions about this in your district or want to change the account listed as District Administrator, please contact us and we will help straighten that out!

Custom Menu Editor

You are now ready to build your own curriculum! Head to the Custom Menu editor by clicking the blue EDIT button, located in the top right-hand corner. As you can see, there are three panels on the Custom Menu Editor that will help you  get started.


The First Panel

On the left side is the first panel that shows the organization of our menu into Grade Levels and Modules. You can make the top tier – Grade Level – anything you want, such as weeks of the year, topics, or standards. You can also add sub-categories, or modules, by clicking + ADD MODULE under each tier. If you want to delete any of the Grade Levels, simply select the Grade Level and drag to the right. A trash can will appear in the middle panel as you drag and you can drop it there to remove it from your menu.


The Second Panel

The second panel will serve as your workspace for whatever is selected in your left hand panel. In this case it’s 1st Grade’s Beat Module (the only Grade Level and Module displayed in a color). As you can see, it’s currently empty. To add content to this module, we’ll head over to the third panel!


The Third Panel

The final panel on the right side of your screen is your Lesson List. This list includes all the Lessons you own including Curriculum Lessons, Song-Based Lessons, and any Custom Lessons created in your Resource Manager. To add a Lesson to the selected Module, just drag it from the Lesson List into the middle panel.


Once you’re done adding Lessons to your Modules, click the blue GO TO CUSTOM MENU button in the top right-hand corner to see your Grade Levels, Modules, and Lessons on the Custom Menu screen.


Boom-Chicka-Boom! Once you get the hang of this, it will be easy to plan your whole semester or year from this easy-to-view menu.

If you need further guidance, be sure to watch the Qtorial to learn how to use this new tool from Quaver himself!


How do you plan to customize your curriculum?

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