New Year, New Content!

by Abby @ Quaver on January 2, 2017

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Kick off the new year with new content in your accounts!

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be digging deeper into our new updates, which include:

  • More Song-Based Lessons
  • New ClassPlay songs
  • New Student Interactives
  • Our Custom Curriculum Builder
  • New Featured Resources Menu

If you’re a Quaver program user, you don’t have to do anything to see these features! You’ll find them already active in your teacher account.

1) Three New Song-Based Lessons

For users with access to: Curriculum

This release includes three new Song-Based Lessons! With these lessons, teachers can focus on the concepts that go into creating, playing, and understanding an entire song using both Orff and Kodály approaches. In our much-anticipated third grade lesson on “Peter and the Wolf,” you’ll find tools to introduce students to the instruments of the orchestra and explore the character themes of the story. Two new first grade lessons also introduce and identify “la” on the pentatonic scale. Check out these three new lessons to learn more:

  1. 3rd Grade: Peter and the Wolf – The Orchestra/Analyzing Instruments
  2. 1st Grade: Bounce High – La Introduce
  3. 1st Grade: Bounce High – La Identify


2) Five New ClassPlay Songs

For users with access to: Curriculum or ClassPlay

Say “Hello!” and “Happy New Year!” to five new songs in our ClassPlay Library, including a new recorder piece, “Overdrive,” that focuses on playing Low E and Low D. This release also includes two new Haitian songs, “Ti Fi Anro,” and “Dodo Ti Pitit.” So head to ClassPlay and check them out today!


3) New Student Interactives

For users with access to: Curriculum, ClassPlay, or Essentials

Our library of Student Interactives continues to grow with the transformation of 13 Interactive Whiteboard Elements. Teacher favorites including Instrument Crane, Instrument Anatomies, and many more are now easily accessible by clicking the yellow STUDENT INTERACTIVES bus sign on Quaver Street or from the Teacher Dashboard. Just like all our Student Interactives, these activities work great on mobile devices!


4) Custom Curriculum Builder

For users with access to: Curriculum

If there’s one thing teachers love to do, it’s customize! We are excited to introduce a new and easy way to access and manipulate custom content created at The new Custom Curriculum Builder allows you to sequence your lessons in a way that works for you, combining Quaver Lessons, Song-Based Lessons, and your own Custom Lessons. You’re going to love this super personalized look at your Curriculum! You’ll find this new tool live in the bottom left corner of your Teacher Dashboard. Be sure to watch the Qtorial to learn how to use this new tool from Quaver himself!


*The Custom Curriculum Builder includes a district-wide menu that can be edited by your district’s Supervisor or Lead Teacher. If you have questions about this in your district or want to change the account listed as District Administrator, please contact us and we will help straighten that out!

5) Featured Resources Menu

For users with access to: Curriculum, ClassPlay, or Essentials

With four releases every calendar year, Quaver teachers are regularly introduced to new content and functionality. Our Featured Resources Menu makes it easy to digest what’s new and find it within the Quaver Program. A selection of six featured resources is regularly rotated to keep teachers informed, educated, and excited about the latest updates to This new icon will make a great addition to your Teacher Dashboard!



Ready to dive in? Stay tuned to the blog for a more in-depth review of each feature in the coming weeks and find a complete list of the new songs and activities here.

Which new feature are you most excited to use?

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1 Jennifer Thrasher January 5, 2017 at 7:48 am

Hey There!

I love that there is an Ukulele added on the Teacher Tool Box. I am wondering if there is a Ukulele unit in the works? Possibly a tuner (I know I can get one online) but wondering what might be coming down the pike.

Thanks again for the wonderful ongoing updates and amazing materials!


2 Abby @ Quaver January 5, 2017 at 9:28 am

Hi Jennifer! Good news! You actually have access to a 10-lesson Ukulele project in 5th Grade. Check out that SPECIAL PROJECTS button on your Lesson Selection Menu and dig in!


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