National Survey Shows Outstanding Results in Quaver Districts

At the end of the 2016/17 School Year, Fine Arts Supervisors from 36 school districts asked their music teachers to assess the impact of the Quaver Curriculum. Additionally, the Quaver team reached out to a wider audience of teachers individually in a total of 45 states across the country. The composite grades given by the 1,326 teachers who responded to the National Survey are unpacked below.

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The survey asked teachers to give rate Quaver resources on 14 factors in three categories. Click each category to jump right to those results:

Survey Results

The charts that follow illustrate the reported impact of Quaver on teachers and their students. The percentage shown represents the percentage of teacher’s ratings that were either excellent, very good, or good.


Quaver’s Impact on Teachers


Quaver’s Impact on Students

Impact on Teachers

To what extend did Quaver contribute to the job of the music teacher?

Impact on Students

What impact did Quaver have on student learning, classroom behavior/engagement, and  student enjoyment?

Quality of Quaver Team

How well did the Quaver Team serve the teachers after they implemented the Quaver Curriculum?


We believe the data represented in this National Survey underscores each of our core values in that it demonstrates our commitment to:

  • Quality: by being graded directly by our customers, the most professional graders in our society.
  • Integrity: by keeping our promises to the people we serve.
  • Responsiveness: by being there for our customers, hearing their concerns and suggestions, and taking the action necessary to address them.
  • Passion: by staying focused on our mission of helping students learn to love music.

While we are greatly encouraged by these results, we know we must meet the challenge year after year. Like our customers and their students, we expect to be evaluated in an annual National Survey for the life of our relationship and hope your district will be a part of that process next year.

Want to see similar results in your district? Contact a Quaver Key Account Rep today to learn more.