2017 Digital Field Trip

Engage Students in Music Education all Summer Long!

Teachers and students around the world are invited to kick off the summer with our Second Annual Digital Field Trip.

Last year, Quaver introduced the Digital Field Trip as an end-of-the-year event for Quaver users around the world. In our first year, the event reached over 400,000 students!

Here’s what a few teachers had to say about last year’s Field Trip:

The Digital Field trip reinforced concepts students have learned this year in a seriously fun way – Things like: Form, Steady beat, Improvisation, and Composition just to name a few! – Carol Froehlich, Pittsburgh, PA

The Field Trip provided a nice closure for the school year–something that is always useful and supportive to music teachers! – Linda Miller, Elizabethtown, KY

This year, we’ve got even bigger plans for engaging and energizing your students to continue their pursuit of music even after the final bell rings!

We’re sending Quaver and friends back to YOUR classroom with a brand new 28-minute mini-episode just for you and your students.

Quaver, Gwenda, and Austin Otto guide students on an adventure exploring movement and dances from countries around the world. They offer educational facts that relate to the general music classroom, invite students to participate in easy-to-follow activities, and inspire students to take music with them on all their adventures this summer.

How to access the Digital Field Trip:

2017 Digital Field Trip

Some ideas for using the Digital Field Trip with your students:

  • You could: gather all your students in the auditorium OR show each individual class over the course of the week
  • You might: quiz students on the topics covered ahead of time OR assess their understanding afterwards
  • You might: pause the video to practice the movements with the characters OR split the Field Trip into two or more classes

We’ve even created this handy Digital Field Trip Printable to guide you through some ideas for using the Field Trip in your lesson:

Click to download

As a follow-up activity, you might even ask students to create their own signature dance moves, inspired by what they learned. And don’t forget to take Quarter-Sized Quaver, Gwenda, and Austin Otto along on your adventures!


How do you encourage your students to keep making music all summer long?