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by Abby @ Quaver on October 18, 2016

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LOADS of new content is now available in your QuaverMusic.com accounts!

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be digging deeper into our new updates, which include:

  • Our Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum
  • New Holiday and Contemporary ClassPlay songs
  • Updated QuaverBooks and Metro Venue Books
  • More Song-Based Lessons
  • New ClassPlay Toolbox Activities
  • New Active Listening Element

If you’re a Quaver program user, you don’t have to do anything to see these features! You’ll find them already active in your QuaverMusic.com teacher account.

1) Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum

For users with access to: Kindergarten Curriculum 

After much anticipation, we are excited to release our Pre-Kindergarten lessons for teachers to preview with their students this year. Our Pre-K characters Songbird and Boobam will help introduce children to a variety of musical concepts and movement activities that help develop coordination skills. Each lesson contains four songs, a story, and a classical music connection and emphasizes a social and musical theme. The Pre-K Curriculum will be available for a limited time and is already live in your account!

2) New ClassPlay Songs

For users with access toCurriculum and ClassPlay

Looks like the holidays came early! We are very excited to announce that this release includes 16 new songs including 10 holiday titles, three classical pieces, and three contemporary songs. New additions include songs like “Peter and the Wolf,” “What a Wonderful World,” “Lean on Me,” and so much more!


3) Additions to QuaverBooks

For users with access to: QuaverMusic.com (Curriculum, ClassPlay, Essentials)

Many of the contemporary songs added this month make great additions to our QuaverBooks! We’ve incorporated new pieces in the Advanced QuaverBooks for Jazz, Blues, and Rock and in the Advanced Venue Books at the corresponding Metro stops at QuaverMusic.com. The Advanced Classical QuaverBook and History Venue Book have also been updated to include new titles Peter and the Wolf and The Syncopated Clock!


4) Three New Song-Based Lessons

For users with access to: Curriculum

Since their initial release last month, Song-Based Lessons have been a huge hit with Quaver teachers! We’re adding to the growing collection with three new Orff Lessons this month. These lessons center on contemporary and holiday music and will have students playing instruments and creating their own accompaniments. They also have great cross-curricular connections to geography, social issues, and much more!  Check out these three new lessons to learn more:

  1. 3rd Grade: I Have a Little Dreidel
  2. 4th Grade: Lean on Me
  3. 5th Grade: Africa


5) Orff Instrument Library

For users with access to: Curriculum and ClassPlay

We’re excited to introduce some big additions to our Virtual Orff Instrument Library, located in the ClassPlay Toolbox. We replaced our single digital Orff Instrument with a library of options to serve as a visual tool for classroom instruction, a digital manipulative for composition, and an electronic instrument for performance. Each of the 9 instruments features flexible options to customize the appearance of the instrument including the use of note names, staff placement, solfa, and pentatonic scales.


6) Explore the Modes

For users with access to: Curriculum and ClassPlay

Introducing Explore the Modes: a new ClassPlay Toolbox activity to help explore tonality in the classroom. This activity breaks down each of the seven classic modes into: a brief overview, tonal patterns, and a preparation screen – a great tool to help develop the ear and mind of a growing musician!


7) New Active Listening

For users with access to: Curriculum and ClassPlay

Our list of Active Listening Elements is growing! During the summer, we encouraged everyone to get in the Olympic spirit with “Summer Games,” and if you tuned into any of our Digital Training sessions, then you saw Quaver demonstrate “The Nutcracker: Chinese Dance.” Now your students can watch Escamillo, the cymbal playing rabbit, demonstrate rhythm, movement, and instrumentation in the overture of the famous opera, Carmen!



Ready to dive in? Stay tuned to the blog for a more in-depth review of each feature in the coming weeks and find a complete list of the new songs and activities here.

Which new feature are you most excited to use?

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