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by Abby @ Quaver on April 14, 2016

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Have you had a chance to explore our recent updates?

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be digging deeper into these new features, uncovering the details that will help enhance your teaching!

New Feature #1: Sharing Custom Quaver Lessons

The spring update included BIG CHANGES to lesson customization making Quaver lessons now editable, printable, and sharable! 

Quaver teachers are experts at customizing our ready-made lessons to better suit their classroom needs or school standards – even making their own lessons from scratch. Now, we’ve made it easy to share those custom lessons with other teachers within a school district, with just a few simple clicks!

First things first – as your customizing lessons this spring – take note that the button to create a NEW custom lesson screen has moved! More on that in this week’s Tip of the Week!

Now that we’ve got that change down, here’s how to share a custom lesson with other teachers:

1) Head to your Resource Manager

After you’ve signed into your account and clicked the yellow TEACHER TAB, click on the RESOURCE MANAGER located on the Teacher Dashboard.

2) Select a custom lesson from your Resource Manager

Once you select the lesson you want to share, find the MENU button – a very important tool – in the top right-hand corner.

3) Hover over the MENU BUTTON and click SHARE

Select SHARE LESSON from the dropdown menu to do just that – share your lesson!

You’ll see a checkmark appear, and the lesson icon will turn ORANGE – both these indicators tell you the lesson is now “shared.”

The Menu dropdown menu is your new best friend! Use it to change a lesson in your Resource Manager from Shared to Not Shared anytime – just look for the checkbox!

The shared lesson will appear in the Library search for any teachers in your school district!

How to Find a Shared Lesson:

1) Search “Shared Lessons” in the Library

In the Resource Manager, click the words “Custom Content” under the Lessons heading or the Custom Content icon in the middle of your screen to see any lesson shared already!

2) Select a Shared Lesson

Select a Shared Lesson to see the details in the preview window below. Click VIEW to see the Lesson Screen sequence for that lesson. 

3) Drag a copy of the lesson into your Resource Manager

Drag any shared lesson into your Resource Manager to create a copy of the lesson for your personal use. Any changes you make to this copy do NOT affect the original, shared lesson, but happen only to your copy. Change the title and share it again to add to your district library of lessons!


Just imagine the possibilities for your talented team of teachers with this kind of sharing capability!

What lessons do you plan to share with other teachers in your district?

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