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by Abby @ Quaver on April 12, 2016

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Each Tuesday, we bring you a Tip of the Week to make using your Quaver resources easier than ever!

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Today’s Tip is for users of Quaver’s Curriculum!

Have you had a chance to explore our recent updates?

One small change in this release has a BIG affect on the way Quaver teachers customize their lessons. Take note of this change and use it this week to commit it to memory!

Change to how teachers Create a New Custom Screen:

Let’s review how to Add a Custom Screen – a YouTube clip, weblink, Checklist Slide, or mp3 from your library, functionality first released in January of 2015.

1) Navigate to Resource Manager

After you’ve signed into your QuaverMusic.com account and clicked the yellow TEACHER TAB, click on the RESOURCE MANAGER located on the Teacher Dashboard.

2) Select a custom lesson from your Resource Manager

Select a lesson already in your Resource Manager folders, or drag a lesson from the Library Search into Resource Manager to customize.

RM 1

3) Click EDIT LESSON to open the Lesson

RM 2

4) Use the NEW menu to select LESSON SCREEN from the dropdown menu.

Here’s where things have changed a little! Where you used to find a “Create New Screen” button at the bottom of the page, we’ve moved that functionality up to the top menu to keep things from getting too crowded. 

Simply hover over NEW to find LESSON SCREEN and click. 

RM 3

5) Create a Custom Screen!

From here you can add your own mp3s, YouTube videos, and more!

RM 5

Our customization tools give YOU the power to upload and link to content from your library, YouTube, or any other website. That opens endless possibilities to you as a teacher – and brings up some important questions.

Since these custom lessons can now easily be shared with other teachers – more on that next week! – it’s more important than ever to make sure you are using resources that you have permission to share. We cannot control, filter, or be responsible for this content, the YouTube video player, or any other non-Quaver content you add to a custom lesson.

We recommend you review any new content before using in class, and comply with your school or district’s online policies. When you use a lesson shared by another teacher in your district, we recommend reviewing that content before presenting to your class, and editing it to suit your needs.


Give this slightly new functionality a try and let us know what you think!

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