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by Abby @ Quaver on January 11, 2016

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What better way to start the new semester than with loads of new features live in your Quaver account?

Over the next couple of days, we will be digging deeper into our new updates, which include:

  • Introducing Quaver Studio Orchestra
  • 19 New Folk Songs
  • New Audio Mixer and Transport Bar
  • Improved Full Score Navigation
  • New Key/Tempo Option Activities
  • Video Player Upgrades
  • New “Drawing Available” Indicator
  • Changes to Teacher Tools and Teacher Dashboard
  • And New Assignment Options

If you’re a Quaver program user, you don’t have to do anything to see these features! You’ll find them already active in your teacher account.

1) Introducing Quaver Studio Orchestra

Our newest category of ClassPlay songs – Quaver Studio Orchestra (QSO) – includes 18 original pieces written by our Co-Founders, David Mastran and Graham Hepburn. QSO is a great entry point for teaching students the amazing world of orchestra.

unnamed (12)

2) 19 New Folk Songs

Our Folk song list continues to grow with 19 new traditional favorites like Frère Jacques and The More We Get Together. Each new song includes a Full Score Activity, Lyrics Activity, and Printable material to share with your students.

unnamed (15)

3) New Audio Mixer and Transport Bar

In many ClassPlay activities, you’ll also notice a streamlined transport bar and audio mixer at the bottom of the screen. Our new horizontal volume sliders allow you to more easily adjust the volume, move to a specific point in the song, and highlight lyrics or loop the track.


4) Improved Full Score Navigation

Check out any Full Score activity to find new navigation at the top of the page. Simply click any of the track buttons at the top of the menu to access a drop-down list of actions to modify which instruments have notation displayed in the main score window and how it is highlighted for students. You can even make changes as the song plays!

unnamed (18)

5) New Key/Tempo Option Activities

An additional 15 ClassPlay titles now include Key/Tempo Option Activities allowing you to manipulate the song to work best for your students. Plus, a few folk favorites have also received an upgrade with new activities great for teachers who embrace the Kodály pedagogy.


6) Video Player Upgrades

As a part of our continued quest to bring you smoother, more reliable video streaming – we’ve made a few improvements to your video experience in the Curriculum! You will notice an improved Full Screen option, new STATS button and using the space bar to stop and start any video.

unnamed (19)

7) New “Drawing Available” Indicator

The ability to create and save a custom drawing on any Curriculum screen is a favorite tool among Quaver Teachers. With the new “Drawing Available” indicator, it’s easier to locate your original drawings.
unnamed (20)

8) Changes to Teacher Tools and Teacher Dashboard

In your Teacher Resources, you will find improved SEARCH capabilities in the Resource Manager and Library, expanded CREATIVES menu, and a shortcut to STUDENT INTERACTIVES!

9) New Assignment Option

Teachers can now use the Teacher Administration Panel to assign Student Interactives to students. Student Interactive assignments can be used by a student independently or led by a teacher during class time.

unnamed (21)


You can find a complete list of the new songs and activities here.

Have you had a chance to try any of the new features? Which is your favorite so far?

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1 Elizabeth January 11, 2016 at 11:33 am

I LOVE that you can adjust how loud the kids are on the accompaniment track! Now, as kids learn the song, you can wean them off, instead of just abruptly removing them. GREAT IDEA!!!!! I wish all songs had this capability.


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