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by Abby @ Quaver on October 8, 2015

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Today’s blog comes overseas from Eric Bonnett – a wonderful Pre-K through 8th grade Quaver music teacher at the American United School of Kuwait. Eric shares how Quaver Music helped build the music program at his international school.

Take it away, Eric!


Two years ago, I started working for the American United School of Kuwait (AUS), a brand new American school in Kuwait. As a new school, I had the pleasure of starting and designing the entire music program. It was amazing being able to order anything and everything I needed to teach music…that’s where Quaver Music comes in!

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Quaver has many interactive whiteboard games, music arcade games and composing activities that are simple for students to use. I just give a brief explanation, and away they go! Providing opportunities for students to create music gives them a feeling of accomplishment, and a deeper appreciation for music.

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At the end of last school year, the AUS held technology workshops so parents could work with their children over the summer. I did a short session on QuaverMusic.com since I used it in class. I showed them how fun and easy QuaverMusic.com is to navigate and use! The parents were amazed by how fun and interactive the Quaver program was. They walked out of the session eager to sign their children up for music class next year.

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Students are more engaged when you allow them to explore and discover things on their own. Plan activities that get students moving, collaborating, singing, playing instruments, composing and overall making music. But most of all have fun, laugh with your kids, celebrate their triumphs, help them through their failures and make beautiful music together.


If you’re interested in learning more about Eric’s school or teaching overseas, you can contact him at e.bonnett@aus.edu.kw.

What are your favorite world music songs to teach your students?

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