Back to School Inspiration: Creating Grooves with “Sound and Rests”

by Abby @ Quaver on September 14, 2015

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To kick off the 2015-2016 school year with a bang, we are inviting Quaver teachers to share what they are most excited to dive into with their students this fall.

Today we have Shari Gerth joining us – a wonderful teacher from Battleground Academy in Franklin, TN. Shari loves having students create music in our interactive whiteboard activity (IWB), “Sound and Rests: Groove Creator.” We invited her to tell us how she puts her own spin on this Quaver IWB.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 8.34.30 AM

Take it away, Shari!


What’s that sound? It’s Kindergarten, First Graders, and Second Graders getting their groove on in music classes to the Sound and Rests: Groove Creator.

How I Use the Sound and Rests: Groove Creator

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 3.34.46 PM

1) Begin with a simple rhythmic pattern

For Kindergarten, I begin with simple rhythmic patterns using only the single dot (which is really a quarter note) and the quarter rest.

2) Have students become the composers

After performing my “teacher” created rhythms, students are called upon to be “composers” and create their own four-beat patterns. They are bursting with pride when we perform their very own “musical genius” rhythms!

3) Add instruments

Next, I put rhythm instruments (rhythm sticks, tambourines, hand drums, and wood blocks) in four hula-hoops. The students are assigned one of the four, four-beat patterns; allowing them to hear the different timbres of the instruments.

– For the older students

In First and Second Grade, we follow the same strategy, but add the two dots (eighth notes) to our patterns. By connecting this activity with the conclusion of the Quaver Meter Unit, the class is ready for their composition project!

4) Create a game

At the end of class, after filling in all four patterns and having students practice them, I challenge them by erasing one rhythm pattern at a time — storing them in the Rhythm Folder in their brains — until all four patterns are memorized! They are amazed by how many patterns they remember!

The best part about all of Quaver’s activities is the ability to take the Quaver curriculum and make it your own!

The sky’s the limit for activities like these! Quaver has provided teachers with a plethora of materials that are “user friendly” just the way they are. But the activities also encourages teachers to create, customize, and extend lessons that work for their own amazing students!


Thanks for sharing, Shari!

To access Sound and Rests (Groove Creator):

  • Visit and Log In to your Teacher Account
  • Click the Teacher Tab
  • Click the Curriculum Icon
  • Choose Kindergarten
  • Select Lesson 9
  • Click Launch
  • Navigate to Screen 9 

This activity is also part of the “Sound and Rests: Musical Idea” song in ClassPlay.

What IWB activities do you love using in your classroom?

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