18 New Songs and Much, Much More in ClassPlay!

by Abby @ Quaver on August 27, 2015

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It’s a new school year, and we are celebrating with BIG updates to our resources this week!
Stay tuned each day for more on what’s new and if you’re a Quaver user, check your inbox for updates specific to resources you own!

New Feature #5: New Songs and Loads of New Options and Features in ClassPlay!

You don’t want to miss these additions to ClassPlay – further strengthening your ability to customize your lessons to work for your teaching style! We’ll go into more detail on these over the coming weeks – but we encourage you to dive in and find what you’re most excited to use right away!

Rhythm Options in 60+ Songs

You can now choose between Takadimi, Gordon, and many other rhythm options in all “Solfège/Rhythm” activities.

Rhythm Syllable Options

  • Description: Additional option to select various rhythm-counting methods in Solfège/Rhythmactivities.
  • Instructions: Click “Solfège” and select a rhythm option to the right. Click PLAY and the ClassPlay Kid will clap and speak out the rhythm to match your selection.
  • Seen in: “Jumpin Jacks,” “I’s the By’s,” and 28 more songs!
  • See a Complete List of Songs with this activity.

10 New Pieces Exploring Modes

These new ClassPlay songs are written to introduce various modes to your students and include loads of ways to pull apart the song teaching home tone, pitch, and rhythm at every turn.

Mode Song

  • Description: 10 new songs written to explore modes like Lydian, Dorian, and Locrian to name a few
  • Instructions: Use “Explore the Mode” activities in each Song Hub to encourage practice of tonal preparation, tonal patterns, and rhythms, and even allow the class to create their own form from the piece.
  • Seen in: “A Dinosaur Ate My Lunch” or “Dorian Jig,” plus 8 more! Search “M.L.T” – for Music Learning Theory – in ClassPlay to find them all.
  • See a Complete List of New Songs.

8 Beautiful New Orff Pieces

Looking for more songs your students can play along with on their Orff instruments? Here are eight more we know you will love!


  • Description: 8 new Orff pieces intended for upper elementary students.
  • Instructions: Use the “Lyrics” activities in each Song Hub to allow students to play along with warm-up activities and more advanced Orff pieces.
  • Seen in:“Elevator Music” and “The Breeze,” plus 6 more! Search “Orff” in ClassPlay to find them all.
  • See a Complete List of New Songs.

Select Various Keys and Tempos in 30 Adjustable Score Activities 

Many of you have requested ClassPlay songs in various keys and tempos. What a great idea! We’ve now added the option to choose from three keys and two tempos in 30 songs – more coming soon!

adjustable score

  • Description: Choose from a variety of keys and tempos in 30 “Adjustable Score” activities.
  • Instructions: Use buttons in the lower left corner to toggle between three keys and two tempos.
  • Seen in: “Acka Backa” and “Bounce High,” plus 28 more!
  • See a Complete List of Songs with this activity.

Dive into ClassPlay today to check out the new additions and let us know what you think!


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