Over 60 Student Interactives – Now Easier to Use!

by Abby @ Quaver on August 26, 2015

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It’s a new school year, and we are celebrating with BIG updates to our resources this week!

Stay tuned each day for more on what’s new and if you’re a Quaver user, check your inbox for updates specific to resources you own!

New Feature #3: Easy Access to Over 60 Student Interactives 

Did someone say tech integration?


Our new Student Interactives Menu makes it easier than ever to use technology to enhance your music classroom.

With the click of a button you – and your students – can now access nearly 70 Quaver teaching and learning resources for ANY BROWSER. Yes, that means they even work on mobile devices – from ChromeBooks to iPads and everything in between.

Our new Student Interactives area includes:

  • Recorder scores and assessment
  • Staff Champion and other theory games
  • Digital keyboard, guitar, and drum apps
  • Loads of drag-and-drop activities great for individual students or small groups

Both teachers and students now have easy access to all 68 activities from their QuaverMusic.com accounts. Here’s how to access the new menu:


  • From ANY Curriculum lesson, click TOOLS -> STUDENT INTERACTIVES  

Student Interactives

  • This opens the Student Interactives Menu in a new window – as always, a pop-up blocker would prevent this – so make sure yours is disabled!

Student Interactives Menu

  • Select any category on the menu to see the activities within – like Interactive Mobile Recorder Scores for easy at-home practice.

Recorder Menu

(Don’t forget to scroll down for more activities if available!)

  • Select an activity and you’ll find a description of the activity and the option to LAUNCH or GET QR CODE.

Glues Blues Mobile Score

  • Clicking LAUNCH opens a new window with the activity on whatever device you are using to access QuaverMusic.com.

Launch Student Interactive

  • Clicking QR CODE pulls up a unique code your students can scan – we recommend using the QStudent App – and pull up the same activity on their individual devices.

QR Code for Glues Blues

A note about QR Codes: Once scanned, the activity will remain accessible on the student device as long as it is open. The QR Code, however, is only live for 24 hours, so keep that in mind if you are thinking of printing them out. A new code can be generated at anytime from the Student Interactives Menu!


The best thing about this fancy new menu? It makes all our Interactives easy for students to access – even from home! All you need to do is make sure students are enrolled in an active class in your GradeBook and they will see the STUDENT TAB on their homepage. See detailed instructions for class and student account setup here.

  • From their QuaverMusic.com homepage, students can click Click the STUDENT TAB

Student Tab

  • They can then select STUDENT INTERACTIVES from the Student Bulletin Board

Student Bulletin Board

  • This opens the the same menu of activities where students can easily LAUNCH on their own!


We hope you’ll give our new Student Interactives Menu a try this school year and let us know what you think!

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