QuaverMusic.com Webquests: A Testing Week Lifesaver

by Abby @ Quaver on April 21, 2015

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Today’s post comes to us from Dr. Rita Frady, Quaver Advisory Council member and educator in Canton, GA. She’s tackling the great spring schedule-challenge: testing time!

Testing season has arrived!

Dr. Rita FradyYour mission: be as quiet as possible while continuing to teach your music classes right next door to the testing classrooms. Oh, and by the way – testing will take place for 3 weeks!

I love challenges, but . . . Wow! My first thought was,  “There goes my drumming unit.” We have a new format for testing this year. Normally, testing takes place for one week with a modified Specials schedule. I have the students drum to help release all the built up energy from testing all morning. Not this year! My next thought – “Let’s go outside and make music!” That was a “no” as well with rain, rain, and more rain all month!

What to do?

My goal during testing season was to give my 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students a personal musical educational experience. I wanted them to make some of the learning choices, be actively engaged to spend some of that pent-up testing energy, and also review music core concepts in preparation for Music Student Learning Objectives (SLO) testing in May. Remember! We also had to use our “pianissimo” voices – testing was right next door!

Quaver to the rescue!

The answer quickly became clear: Quaver Webquests! My only fear was that students would walk in, see the laptops, and go, “Not another test!” Much to my surprise and delight, the response as soon as the first student stepped in the door was, “Are we going on Quaver? AWESOME!!” Yea, QUAVER!

QuaverMusic.com Apps

Here is the Quaver Webquest my student teacher and I developed, complete with some personalized learning choices.

  1. Students first went to the Metro – they could choose any genre to visit and complete the Venue Book activity – they could choose either the Basic or Advanced Book – and Quiz. They had to score 100 and earn the Quaver Diploma before going on to the next part of the quest.
  2. Before leaving the Venue, they also completed the Matching Card Game.
  3. Next students headed to the Studio to access QComposer. We love the QDos! If you haven’t seen these you definitely need to take a look. I assigned each class the Level 1-03 – Middle C Quarter Notes QDo from my Teacher GradeBook under the “Give Assignments” tab, and asked them to complete it before moving on.
  4. Next students visited the QArcade to play QMeasureUp and QSplat. Have you checked out these two games? They are unbelievable in reinforcing “complete the measure” activities and cementing note values. Two amazing games! Make sure the students click the HELP tab to learn how to play.
  5. And just like that, class time is up! Believe it or not – I had students complete the Quest early and ask for more. I encourage them to explore, explore, explore – maybe check out EarIQ or explore a Time Venue from the Phone Box!

I could not believe how engaged my students were and how much learning was taking place!

They were rocking out in their headphones and loved hearing the music while reading the Venue Books, and there were ZERO complaints about having to read the Venue Book and take the quiz. Students were selecting Ballet, Reggae, Blues, Rock, but the number one choice was Hip Hop! I could see the concentration on their faces as they used the space bar and arrows to load the correct number of beats in QSplat.

Are you ready for a Quaver Quest?

We are rockin’ while testing! Thank you QUAVER!

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1 Lisa May 6, 2015 at 3:40 pm

Do the kids have to have a Quaver account to go to this portion of the website?


2 Abby @ Quaver May 7, 2015 at 9:08 am

Hi Lisa!

It would be best if each student had their own QuaverMusic.com account – which is free and easy to set up. Check out QuaverMusic.com/QuickStart for easy instructions.

They do not, however, need to be enrolled in a class in your GradeBook to use the site for webquests like this one. Let me know if that doesn’t answer your question.



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