Big Steps in Curriculum Customization

by Abby @ Quaver on January 21, 2015

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Late last year, we released some powerful new Customization capabilities to the Quaver Curriculum!

Resource ManagerCurriculum users can now create custom Quaver lessons from scratch – combining your favorite, time-tested resources with great Quaver content. Dive into the Resource Manager on your Teacher Dashboard to check it out!

Let’s create a custom lesson in the Resource Manager together:

*First things first: Log in to your account, click the Teacher Tab,
and then the Resource Manager icon on your Teacher Dashboard.*

Click NEW and LESSON to open a blank lesson

We’ll call this lesson Bach in the Real World – it’ll be perfect for ending our study of the Baroque Period with some extra study on Bach’s influence on the modern world.

First we’ll add a few of our favorite Quaver resources:

Simply search for items in the Library by typing “Bach” and clicking the magnifying glass. 

Our results appear in the Library – on the left side of the screen – just look at all we find when we search for Bach!

Now we can DRAG AND DROP select elements into the lesson!

Our lesson is coming together on the right side of the screen – in Resource Manager.

From here there are several easy ways to continue customization:

1. Drag items up and down to REORDER our lesson.

2. Add elements from outside the Quaver Curriculum by using the NEW menu to select LESSON SCREEN from the dropdown menu.

Each of these options allows you to customize your lesson with resources you already own and love – or find online to fit your specific classroom needs.

You can now add:

  • Web links
  • YouTube Videos
  • Checklist Slides
  • PDFs
  • Images
  • Audio files or playlist
  • and even Custom Quaver Quizzes! 

YouTube custom screen

This lesson could use a YouTube example of “Bach in the Real World” – don’t you think?

We’ll enter a title for the slide and a link straight from YouTube. We can even enter Notes to appear in the Notes field in the live lesson. Click Save, and when launched you’ll find a Custom YouTube screen in your Lesson!

Bach YouTube Clip

Your custom lesson saves automatically and can be launched from right here in the Resource Manager – just click Launch Lesson and away you go!

Bach in the Real World

Give it a try for yourself and see what kind of boom-chicka-fabulous custom lessons you can create for your students this week!

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1 Tammy Thiele January 21, 2015 at 5:45 pm

Awesome! I’ve been using the Resource Manager, and this will save me even more time!


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