Introducing Quaver Mobile Interactives

by Abby @ Quaver on December 8, 2014

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We’ve been working hard on some new features that launched this month at You can find a complete list of updates at, and stay tuned here on the blog for more details over the coming weeks.

Today, we are pleased to introduce some exciting new functionality in the Quaver Curriculum for student mobile devices: Quaver Mobile Interactives!

And what is a Mobile Interactive, we hear you ask?

Quaver Mobile Interactives are web-based activities that can be accessed in conjunction with the curriculum by any mobile web browser, which means they work on both iOS and Android devices. 

These Interactives extend the teaching happening in the front of the classroom onto student devices for application and assessment! They are easy to activate – students simply scan a QR Code from their device – and a natural way to integrate technology into the music classroom.

Mobile Interactive

How can you find them?

The first 32 Mobile Interactives are now live in the Quaver Curriculum – with more coming soon! You’ll come across them naturally in the course of teaching. The TOOLS icon in your Navigation Bar will change to a Mobile Device when an Interactive is available.

How to Find Mobile Interactives

When you see that Mobile Tools Icon, click TOOLS and then MOBILE to pull up a QR Code students can scan to access each Quaver Mobile Interactive on their device.

QR Code

We recommend using the QR Scanner in the QStudent App – available for free from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store . Alternatively, students can open their browser apps and go to and enter the short alphanumeric Quaver code shown on the screen.

The Interactive is then available on the student’s mobile device for a 24-hour session. We believe this will help teachers use technology to allow for student experimentation, composition, and creative exploration in small groups or as individuals.


You can search for these Mobile Interactives by typing MOBILE into the Library search field, or reference this complete list of the first batch live now:

Note: Many Interactives appear in multiple instances throughout the Curriculum – you can search the name of the IWB in the Library to find more locations. 


  • Body Percussion Dance – Lesson 1, Screen 5
  • Kangaroo Voices – Lesson 6, Screen 2
  • Higher and Lower – Lesson 10, Screen 3
  • Sliding Sounds – Lesson 12, Screen 3
  • Boom Chicka Boom – Lesson 23, Screen 3
  • Woww Bup – Lesson 28, Screen 4
  • Lunch Box Song, Play Your Foods – Lesson 28, Screen 12

First Grade

  • Body Percussion Dance Meter of 2 – Lesson 4, Screen 12
  • Body Percussion Dance Meter of 3 – Lesson 6, Screen 10
  • My First Rhythms – Lesson 8, Screen 4
  • Step On It – Lesson 13, Screen 10
  • Rhythm Selectah – Lesson 19, Screen 10
  • Train Legend of Tim Po (Ostinato) – Lesson 23, Screen 8
  • Dynamic Percussion – Lesson 27, Screen 2

Second Grade

  • Find That Beat – Lesson 3, Screen 6
  • Staff Champion: Numbering Lines – Lesson 11, Screen 5
  • Staff Champion: Numbering Spaces – Lesson 11, Screen 6
  • Great Big House in New Orleans – Lesson 14 – Screen 6
  • The Crescendonator – Lesson 23, Screen 5

Third Grade

  • Tic Qac Toe – Lesson 14, Screen 2
  • Dynamic Percussion Level 2 – Lesson 16, Screen 4
  • Recorder Fingering – Lesson 20, Screen 5
  • Recorder Assessment IWB – Lesson 30, Screen 8

Fourth Grade

  • Rhythm Selectah Triplets – Lesson 2, Screen 6
  • Meters of 4 Plus Sixteenth Notes – Lesson 3, Screen 10
  • Magic Dot – Lesson 11, Screen 2
  • Instrument Anatomies: Guitars and Fretted Instruments – Lesson 20, Screen 4
  • Make A Form, Play A Form – Lesson 28, Screen 5

Fifth Grade

  • 6/8 Grooves – Lesson 3, Screen 5
  • Rhythm Dictation – Lesson 17, Screen 6
  • String Family – Epic Soundtrack – Lesson 20, Screen 5
  • My Country Song – Lesson 26, Screen 9

For more step-by-step information, visit the Training Menu in our Support Hub at and select Mobile Interactives from the drop down.

Dive in and give these Mobile Interactives a try – and please let us know what you think and how your students respond!

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1 Alonah February 4, 2016 at 6:46 pm

I love the app. We do it at school. I love body percussion.


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