Music Matters: Strengthening the Student-Teacher Bond

by Abby @ Quaver on October 23, 2014

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Dave Mastran,  Co-creator & Executive Producer of Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music &, is back again with another edition of Music Matters – your chance to peek behind the curtain at our methodology and mission.

Take it away, Dave . . .


Strengthening the Student-Teacher Bond

At, we are dedicated to supporting music teachers. In fact, we have a corporate policy of selling Quaver products only to schools with music teachers. Quaver himself can be thought of as the teacher’s assistant and the Quaver resources as the teacher’s tools.

We like to think of Quaver as the third point in a triangle with the other two points being the teacher and the student.


There is the teacher’s relationship with Quaver resources; the students’ relationship with Quaver resources; and, most important, the students’ relationship with the teacher. Quaver resources are designed to strengthen that relationship. We do this in a number of ways.

First, the teacher has fun materials to use in the classroom.

When students have fun, they look forward to coming to class and learning.

Second, the teacher has innovative, alternative ways to teach musical concepts.

This allows the teacher to be more creative and effective in communicating with students.

Finally, we seek to showcase the teacher’s role in the classroom.

For example, we are preparing accompaniment scores in ClassPlay songs for teachers who play keyboards or guitar. We are also suggesting that teachers, when comfortable, opt to demonstrate musical concepts themselves (such as strumming guitar chords) rather than using our video to teach the concept. We are also creating joint performance opportunities with the teacher and students, such as the teacher playing the melody in a song and the students the chords or vice versa. We are also giving the teacher a role in our Musicals.

In summary, although we have been delighted with the way the Quaver character and Quaver products have been embraced by students across the country, our focus is to uphold the teacher as the real hero in the classroom. In a real sense, we want to be an accelerant for teacher, enhancing and speeding the process of learning and helping the teachers create and maintain that all important bond with their students.

How does Quaver support the student-teacher bond in your classroom? Any suggestions for ways we could do this more in the future?

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