Tip of the Week: Batch Upload your Students

by Abby @ Quaver on October 13, 2014

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Each week we bring you a Tip of the Week to make using your Quaver resources easier than ever!

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Today’s Tip of the Week is for users of QuaverMusic.com and the Quaver GradeBook!

Did you know we can help you set up QuaverMusic.com accounts for your students in bulk?

There’s so much waiting for you and your students at QuaverMusic.com – but digging into the signup process with all your students can be intimidating. Do not fear. We can help!

There are actually three ways to create student accounts and enroll them in your GradeBook classes:

1. Quaver Class Code

Set up your classes in the GradeBook, then distribute the correct Class Code to each student to enter into their account when they create one. They’ll be automatically enrolled in the right class! Find the Class Code in the top left corner of the Enroll Students tab of your Teacher Administration Panel.

Enroll Students

2.  Enroll Students Manually

Have students report their QuaverName to you and register them in the class of your choosing manually by clicking ADD STUDENT on the Enroll Students tab of your Teacher Administration Panel. Step-by-step instructions for students to enroll can be found here!

Add Student

3. Batch Upload by Quaver Team

And perhaps the most convenient option for you – let us do the sign up process for you – with the help of Boyd and Tedi – IT Support Specialists here at QuaverMusic.com and your new best friends!

Our team will send you a template for entering your student information and handle all the account creation for you, even enrolling students in the correct GradeBook Classes. We can generate QuaverNames and Passwords for you, or you can choose your own custom QuaverNames and Passwords that work with systems already in place in your school.


If you’d like to leave the heavy lifting to us, simply email imports@QuaverMusic.com to get the process started. We’ll have you creating assignments, giving automated Quaver Assessments, and watching your students create musical masterpieces at QuaverMusic.com in no time!

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