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by Abby @ Quaver on May 19, 2014

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We always love hearing from our teachers about how the Quaver Curriculum has captured their students’ imagination, improved classroom dynamics, and reinvigorated their love for teaching music.

Today we’re spotlighting comments from one of our favorite ‘Windy City’ music teachers, Melinda Prater.

Melinda teaches at Lorca Elementary School in Chicago Public SchoolsWe followed up with Melinda to see how her first year with Quaver was going, and here’s what she had to say.

Have you seen changes in your students since bringing QK-5 into your classroom? (excitement, discipline, retention, etc.)

My students are so engaged when we use resources and materials from Quaver Music. They look forward to the characters in the video clips and get excited by the interactive whiteboard activities. My primary students love the songs included in ClassPlay, and enjoy the integrated movement ideas, the interactive lyrics, as well as the solfège and rhythm activities.


My intermediate students have always enjoyed recorder and Recorder Karate, but Quaver’s resources and songs include styles that feel more up-to-date and the kids really get into it. We have a blast playing songs that only use 1-2 notes, which is great when we are starting out. I’m excited to try the more challenging songs soon!


Quaver’s Curriculum currently covers K-5, but I found that my middle school students like it as well, because new concepts are presented in fun and humorous ways that keep them motivated to learn. Additionally, has student accounts with free interactive games, composing apps, and learning modules. We have already completed several projects using these tools and I have some kids who go home and continue working outside of school for their own enjoyment.

Editor’s Note: Just wait until you see what’s coming in our 6-8 Curriculum this Fall!


How has QK-5 changed your classroom as a teacher?

QK-5 has been an invaluable resource. It’s great having everything all together in one place when I login, which makes planning easier. Each lesson is focused on a musical concept and includes songs, whiteboard activities, and much more. One of the best features is the recent addition to customize lessons. I can pick and choose what I need and add other documents and/or YouTube videos, mp3s, etc. which is really helpful. There are also assessments included every third lesson, which can be done informally as a group, as a formal written assessment, or assignments/assessments can be assigned digitally where students complete and submit them through their own account online. I’m looking forward to setting up the GradeBook feature to make grading fast and easy.


Would you recommend the Quaver Curriculum to other teachers or administrators?

I can honestly say I have never been happier with a purchase for my program. It’s been a great investment and their customer service has been fantastic. Quaver Music provides an innovative curriculum and my students adore the resources and materials. I also received the materials right away, and their staff has been friendly and supportive. It’s been a pleasure working with them!

I highly encourage anyone to try the free preview and get an idea of what the resources are like. I tested the materials out with my students and they really responded well!


Thank you, Melinda, for sharing your Quaver Story!

Melinda’s not alone! See what teachers and administrators from all around the country are saying about Quaver resources.

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