Teacher Tip: Prepping your GradeBook for next year!

by Abby @ Quaver on May 13, 2014

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As part of our last Live Webinar of the year, we’re answering another teacher-submitted question.

This week’s question comes from Joan Reynolds in Kettering, OH:

Our Kennedy Kids are having an amazing time working in QGrooves and QComposer in addition to all the fantastic lessons! How will the transition to new classes work for next year? Will students be able to keep their accounts but be associated with a different teacher and group of students for the GradeBook? 

Check out the clip of Gwenda and Otto answering Joan’s question in the webinar!

Great question, Joan, and perfect timing as you wrap up the school year and get ready for the next. 

The short answer is – YES – students can keep their QuaverMusic.com accounts and move to a new class in your GradeBook for the new school year! 

TeacherAdministratrionLOGO_(RGB)ss_mh4If you use the Teacher Administration Tools like Joan to organize your students into classes and give assignments at QuaverMusic.com, it may seem overwhelming to think about migrating all those students to new classes next year. Do not fear. It’s much simpler than you think!

Let’s take a look at a few steps to make this transition easy for you and your students!


Step One: Set an end date for this year’s classes.

First things first, you’ll want to make sure each of the classes you’re using this school year has an appropriate end time set up – so that it stops appearing as an active class for the students enrolled.

  • Access your list of classes from the green Manage Classes icon on your Teacher Administration Main Menu.


  • Select a class and click EDIT.


  • Here you want to check the END DATE field. Confirm that is, in fact, when this school year’s classes end. Feel free to set it for anytime over the summer if a firm end of school date isn’t available. Then click SAVE.

Bonus Tip: From the Manage Classes screen, you can use the HIDE column to hide any non-current classes. They will be ARCHIVED – meaning they won’t appear in your Class List in other places on QuaverMusic.com.


Step Two: Create new classes for the new school year.

That takes care of this year’s classes – now you’ll want to set up new classes for the next school year!

  • Return to the same Manage Classes screen.


  • Click ADD to add new classes.


  • Complete the fields – many are optional but you want to make sure to fill in the Subject, Teacher, Start and End Dates. Click SAVE to add to your Class list.


Step Three: Enroll students in the their new class.

Now you have all your new classes ready for the Fall Semester. The final step is to get your students enrolled in their new classes – by grade or classroom teacher or whatever organization system you’ve chosen!

  • When you’re back in school in the Fall – select the yellow Enroll Students icon from the Teacher Administration Main Menu.
  • Select a class from the Select Class menu and notice the Class Code that appears in the top left corner of the screen.

Enroll Students

This Class Code is the key to enrolling your students in one simple step! There’s no need to add students manually or create new accounts. 

  • The next time they visit QuaverMusic.com to Log In, instruct students to enter the correct Class Code in the Log In Screen.


  • They’ll simply CLICK HERE next to the call out for a Special Code and enter the Code!


Once logged in, you should see student’s appear in your Class List on the Enroll Students screen, and they will have access to any assignments created for the new class! As long as old classes have ended, there shouldn’t be any confusion for students about what class they are now in!

With a little prep, you’ll be ready to go in the Fall!

How are you using the GradeBook in your class? What other questions do you have about how to use it well? 

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