3Qs with Quaver: Digital Learning Day

by Abby @ Quaver on February 5, 2014

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It’s been a while since we’ve tracked Quaver down and asked him a few questions for you, our Blog Qmunity! 

Q1: Tell us, Quaver: What’s special about today?

I’m so glad you asked! Today is Digital Learning Day! To celebrate, we’re Skyping with classes of students around the country AND sending digital answers to even more student questions that we gathered here on the blog yesterday!

Q2: What was your favorite question students asked you to answer?

Every time we Skype with students we get LOADS of great questions! This week was a special chance to answer lots of questions at once. Here are a few of my favorites:

Is the United States really different from England, and does Quaver like it here?
Mrs. Valerie Diaz Leroy’s Class at Shorecrest Prep in St. Petersburg, FL

What steps did you take to write so many cool songs in ClassPlay? Did you write the lyrics first or the melodies?
Mrs. Cox’s class at Claude A. Taylor Elementary in Cayce, SC

What is your favorite dance and can you show us?
Mrs. Emily Lucas’s class at Matzke Elementary in Houston, Texas

Q3: How is QuaverMusic.com using technology to reach today’s music students?

Everything we do at here at Quaver is about embracing 21st Century Technology and empowering teachers to use it well in their classrooms. Our Curriculum is completely digital, uses technology that engages kids, and allows students to continue the digital learning at home with QuaverMusic.com.

Not only that, but today was a great example of how technology connects us with our teachers. I can go almost anywhere in the world, Skype with students in their classrooms, and talk to teachers about their Quaver resources. It is always an amazing experience to talk to teachers and energize them about the power of the Quaver Music programs from our studio in Nashville!

Did you recognize Digital Learning Day in your Classroom today? 




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