Woodwind Jingle and Other Holiday Lesson Ideas!

by Abby @ Quaver on December 16, 2013

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Here are a few creative ways to work classic carols and other Holiday standards into your lesson plans this season:

Start with the New Woodwind Jingle IWB Activity in the Woodwinds Classroom!

Woodwind Jingle

The perfect listening activity for the holiday season – use the classic carol “Jingle Bells” to dissect the instruments being used.

Turn each instrument on or off, and discuss: How do they work together? How does it sound without each piece?

Located in the Woodwind Family Classroom

Or try one of these ideas from Quaver Teachers around the country:

From Sarah Jensen in Bismarck, ND:

I use the Quaver Romantic Period episode and talk about all the different composers, especially Tchaikovsky. We do the Quaver Quiz, Train the Brain, and then head over to the Tchaikovsky IWB in the Romantic Period Classroom. The kids really dig the pronunciation and cannon. Silly things like that help them to remember all about this wonderful composer!

After completing the quiz at the end of his mini bio, we listen to his music. I give the kids this listening glyph and have them color it while listening. It seems to help kids listen and focus if they have something to listen for. Then it’s time for instruments! We sure enjoy playing along with the Russian Dance using our unpitched percussion. I love the fact that they can actually see the rhythms, hear them, and play along. It really makes all the work that we do with notation and rhythm finally come together. My little ones can clap along with the rhythms and boy, do they feel good about themselves!

If they really rock the rhythms, I show them this YouTube clip about how the dancers dance the Russian Dance. It’s fun to watch the boys attempt this difficult move! They all come away with a new appreciation of dancers!

Listening Glyph

 Download Sarah’s Listening Glyph to try this in your classroom!


From Carol Froehlich in Mt. Lebanon, PA:

I use 2nd grade: Lesson 14 from the QK-5 Curriculum this holiday season! The students learned about musical phrases and added triangles and drums as they sang “It’s Thanksgiving Time.” They also added pie rhythms to “Great Big House” and had a blast! I think we’ll try this again with carols next week!


From Tammy Thiele in Irving, TX:

My first graders created simple rhythm patterns on Rhythm Selectah and played them on unpitched percussion to carols such as Jolly Old Saint Nicholas!


What’s your favorite holiday lesson plan?

Are you working Quaver resources into your plans this season?

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