Tip of the Week: Two Ways to Find Focus

by Abby @ Quaver on December 9, 2013

in QK-5 Curriculum,Tech Integration

On Mondays, we bring you a Tip of the Week here on the blog to make using your Quaver resources easier than ever.

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Today’s Tip of the Week is for Users of  the QK-5 Curriculum or our 30-Day Preview!

Did you know there are TWO easy ways to quickly bring focus to your class using your Lesson Plan Presenter?

Occasionally, you may need your class to focus more than usual. You may want to direct your students’ attention solely on you – the teacher – for a difficult concept or important announcement. In that moment, wouldn’t it be convenient to hide all the Quaver fun happening on the Screen for just a few moments? Or wouldn’t it be nice to improvise on an easily accessible whiteboard screen at any point in your lesson?

Here are two simple ways you can cut the distractions and focus your class instantly:

1. Pull up a Plain Black Screen with a Quaver Logo – perfect for holding your place in the lesson of the day:

Click Tools


Click Hide


Enjoy the peace and focus


Click anywhere to return to your lesson!

2. Pull up a Blank White Screen – perfect for illustrating a point:

Click Draw, and select the Blank Screen Icon


Use the Blank Screen just like a Whiteboard, with all the Draw tools below

Blank Screen

 Click Draw again to return to the lesson!

Find both screen tips in the Navigation Bar of your Lesson Plan Presenter:

  • Go to the QuaverMusic.com & Log In to your account
  • Click the Teacher Tab or School Bus Stop Sign
  • Click the Quaver Curriculum Icon
  • Choose a Lesson from the Lesson Selection Screen and Click Launch
  • In the Navigation Bar:
    • Click Tools and Hide to pull up the Q Screen
    • Click Draw and Blank Screen to pull up a Blank Whiteboard Screen

Try this trick and 12 complete QK-5 Lessons in our 30-Day Preview – available now at QuaverMusic.com/Preview

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