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by Abby @ Quaver on November 7, 2013

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Here’s an idea to get all your classes in on the Quaver Fun! 

This comes to us from Carol in Mt. Lebanon, PA – and uses free resources at!

Go to the Lab at and click on EarIQ.


Challenge each of your classes to see who can reach the highest score on one of the three games!

For example, list all the first grade teacher names on your bulletin board and have each class play a round (or 2!) of the Clown Pitch Game in Ear IQ.  Then post their score on the bulletin board, and the next time they come to class, they can see how they did and figure out how to improve their score.

Bulletin Board

You might give each class a second chance for a higher score and then the winning class earns a star on the Quaver Board.  This only takes the last few minutes of class and the students can’t wait to come back to see the results!

Next, you can try for individual high scores where the students play a round (or 2!) individually, and you record their individual scores.  As a final competition, encourage students to play against their mom or dad or someone at home to see how well they score!

Your students will come to class excited to see how they performed against the other classes and also to share the results of their “at-home” competition!  Good luck!

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