Tip of the Week: Change the Grade Label on Any Lesson

by Abby @ Quaver on October 21, 2013

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Today’s Tip of the Week is for Users of Quaver’s QK-5 Curriculum

Do you ever need to teach a 3rd Grade Lesson to your 5th Graders?

Maybe you need to review Ostinatos – or introduce new students to a skill they may not have mastered in a previous year. You can imagine the reaction from 5th Grade students to seeing the number 3 all over the day’s lesson!

Change the Grade

Using the Tools menu, you can change the labeled grade on the lesson – and the floating number on the Welcome Screen – to whatever grade you’re teaching!

We’d like to see a textbook try that trick!

 The content of the lesson will remain the same, but your students now see it in a familiar, grade-appropriate setting!

To Change the Grade Level on display for any QK-5 Lesson:

  • Go to the QuaverMusic.com & Log In to your account
  • Click the Teacher Tab or School Bus Stop Sign
  • Click the QK-5 Curriculum Icon
  • Choose the Lesson you want to teach
  • Click Launch
  • From the Welcome Screen, click Tools and Select Options
  • Select the Grade Level you’d like on display – or choose None to remove the label
  • Click X to close and continue on with your lesson!
  • Hint: if you leave and re-enter the Lesson, it will return to the default Grade Level label

Will this come in useful in your classroom?


Tune in to our First Fall Webinar tomorrow – Tuesday October 22 at 4:30EST for more info on this Tip and more from Quaver HQ!

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