Integrating Technology in your Music Classroom

by Abby @ Quaver on September 17, 2013

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KTDwinalQuaver Super-User and Technology Guru Catie Dwinal is here to kick off a series of blog posts focused on helping you make the most of the technology in your classroom:

As the world of technology changes constantly, it can be hard to figure out how to integrate tech in your lessons in a meaningful way!

Here’s my number one rule when a teacher first sets out to integrate technology: Start Small.

Do not overwhelm yourself with trying to do too much at one time. Try out one new Quaver tool until it becomes comfortable in your lessons. Start using that projector in your room you’ve never turned on before. Small actions can turn into big successes.

When thinking about adding more technology to your lessons, Dr. Ruben Puentedura’s SAMR model comes to mind; Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition. Adding in the pre-step from Amy Burns of Experimentation, we have the model E-SAMR to use for successful technology integration.

Each step of this model makes the process of integrating technology into your classroom clear, defined, and much less overwhelming for busy teachers like you.

Let’s take a look at some Quaver resources with our integration model, and see how they work together:


Step 1: Experimentation

Before taking the jump into using these tools full-time, every educator needs to play around with them first. Take the time to sit and play like the students will be doing with it. Try everything out and get comfortable with the materials. The most creative activity and lesson ideas come from sitting down and having fun with it yourself.

Log in to and use the Map to explore the site!


Step 2: Substitution

Now, start to take one small thing out of your existing lesson and replace it with a new Quaver tool. Instead of hand writing lyrics and copying them for students, take one of the Quaver ClassPlay songs and print out the graphic scores or lyrics for students to read.

Log in to and Click on the Bus Stop Sign. Select ClassPlay and choose a song like Farmer in the Dell. Then Click Printables to find Lyric and Scores to Print.




Step 3: Augmentation

Take that ClassPlay song your students performed in class with printed scores and lyrics, and take away the paper pieces. Instead, project the song on your Whiteboard or Projection Screen for students to read together.

From the Farmer in the Dell Song Hub, choose Lyrics or Full Score and press Play!



Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 10.28.18 AM

Step 4: Modification

At this level, you can start to create more of the activities yourself. Take your ClassPlay song and have your younger students rewrite the lyrics. Turn off the vocals, and record them performing it.

Turn Vocals On and Off from many ClassPlay screens.


If you want to go a step further, your older students could create a new background track to their new lyrics using one of the creatives in the Studio at

Log in to and use the Map to Navigate to the Studio. Choose any Creative, Build a Song, and listen to it together as students sing their lyrics!


Step 5: Redefinition

In this step, you can create a whole new activity from the pieces you’ve been using! Have the students perform their new original song and the ClassPlay song they’ve practiced. Then make a rocking Quaver-ific video mash-up with student performance footage and visuals from the ClassPlay song.

Check out the Animated History and Video sections of Farmer in the Dell for great Footage!



Getting all the way to the Redefinition and Modification steps take a little planning and preparation, but Experimentation, Substitution, and Augmentation are easy to do right away if you’re ready! 

Integrating technology into your classroom is all about starting simple, and not over-complicating things. You never want to use it as a crutch for your teaching, but as an enhancement tool to excite your students and yourself about learning.

So start experimenting with ClassPlay or another Quaver tool!

Do not be afraid to take risks and step out of your comfort zone especially with Quaver’s innovative and easy-to-use technology. With the Quaver team there to support you, integrating technology in your classroom will be easy and fun!

Thanks Catie! What a great kick-off to our Technology Integration posts. Stay tuned for much more from Catie, and get your free ClassPlay Preview – including the Farmer in the Dell – by visiting

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