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by Abby @ Quaver on August 27, 2013

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Have you had a chance to explore ClassPlay yet?


We’ve brought on Tech Teacher Extraordinaire Catie Dwinal to give you a close up look at our newest song-based activities:

Take it away, Catie:

ClassPlay, one of the newest tools produced by the QuaverMusic.com, is an amazing collection of folk, patriotic, seasonal, open source and original Quaver songs. With a Sampler of 6 songs available to preview and many more in the full program, it is a tool you cannot help but love. Each song comes with a variety of activities and interactive visuals to aid in the process of learning each song.

The bright colors and engaging visuals make any lesson in ClassPlay an adventure your students won’t soon forget!

To get to the ClassPlay Sampler:

  • Current Quaver Users: click on the school bus stop sign at QuaverMusic.com and be taken straight to the Teacher Dashboard where the ClassPlay icon is located.
  • If you haven’t purchased any resources from Quaver before, you can sign up for a free preview here – which will give you access to the ClassPlay Sampler as well.

 With one click, you’ll be transported to the ClassPlay Menu, where the vast selection of songs awaits you.

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 4.19.59 PM

Click All Songs to see those available to you – 6 in your Sampler with the Preview or Essentials Programs – and over 90 in the full ClassPlay Program!

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 4.24.00 PM

Let’s try one of my favorites – Jumpin’ Jacks!

The description on the menu screen shows that you will have your students singing So and Mi. Each song listed describes its theme and the Solfège syllables used in the song.

Check Jumpin’ Jacks and click “Open” to be taken to the Jumpin’ Jacks song hub – a diagram of all the tools you can use when teaching the song.

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 4.18.06 PM

Starting from the top right and working clockwise around the diagram you and your students can learn the song step-by-step as you Introduce, Apply, and Extend the song and its objectives.

Here’s how I teach using the Jumpin’ Jacks ClassPlay Song:

1. I start out with the Solfège/Rhythm Activity:


I have my students sing with me first using hand signs while I play the notes on the piano. Then we sing it without the piano, and finally with the ClassPlay Character on the screen, demonstrating the Solfège hand signs.


2. Next it is on to Rhythm & Pitch:


Students test their knowledge reading the song lyrics at the top of the screen and choose the pattern below it that best matches the lyric. We read the sentence together before I take volunteers to guess which pattern best fits the lyric. Then the whole class performs the pattern through instruments or body percussion as I say the lyric to see if it fits. When we find the correct one, we say it all together while performing the pattern!


3. Then it’s time to Move!


As my students get into the song – they are ready to boogie with the Song Actions screen. We all get up and move together with the character on the screen while singing with the track. She repeats the movements twice, so all my students can keep up!


4. Let’s Add Instruments:


The next screen is a Graphic Score of the song. This is a perfect screen to add in instruments and have a quick discussion about the connection between the notes and how they are singing the song before moving on to the next screen where the lyrics finally come in! I turn the graphics off to show the notation for students ready to read music.


5. Time to Sing!


Here my students follow the Lyrics and Graphics to sing Jumpin’ Jacks together. We sing it through first with before adding in the movements shown in the previous screen. It’s so fun to watch as they sing and dance together.

My students love this song! They are instantly engaged with the visuals on the screen, and it’s a perfect piece to learn in a 10-minute time span. The best part is – they leave my classroom still singing!

As their teacher, I love that each ClassPlay song includes so many diverse tools to help teach it:

  • I was able to bring up the Full Score so I could learn the important parts on the piano
  • The different toggles in the Solfège and Rhythm screens allowed me to make connections to notes and rests
  • I could turn different portions of the screens on and off to fit my own teaching style.

I wrapped up class by using the Extension activities to talk about how exercise is important to a healthy body, compose new lyrics to the song using animals like crazy cats, and choreograph our own new dances to the three tempos in the Tempo Workout screen!

ClassPlay is an awesome tool for teachers to add even more tunes to their class music repertoire without the extra work of memorizing everything and the added fun of the interactive visuals to stimulate student engagement!


Get a free 3-day preview of all 6 ClassPlay Songs by signing up for a Preview here!

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