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by Abby @ Quaver on July 30, 2013

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MurphyWelcome to our Summer Training Series with everyone’s favorite Teacher Training Guru – Chris Murphy! These posts will help new users of Quaver’s Marvelous Music Essentials Program! Come back every week for another step-by-step training session!

This week we’re showing you a great, interactive way to explore Music Styles with your students!

Virtual Field Trips on the Quaver Metro


Get started at

The gateway to Quaver’s Music Style Venues is the Metro – located in the bottom right-hand corner of the homepage.

Simply click on the Metro, and you will see a menu of venues waiting for your class to visit!


We are continually adding new venues to the 14 diverse venues currently in the Metro:

  1. Ballet
  2. Blues
  3. Classical
  4. Country
  5. Disco
  6. Folk
  7. Heavy Metal
  8. Hip-Hop
  9. Jazz
  10. Latin
  11. Pop
  12. Reggae
  13. Rock
  14. Showtunes

You’ll find the same great resources in each of these Venues – but the best way to explore is to take a Virtual Field Trip together!


Today, let’s learn about the Blues!

Click the link labeled Blues Street. You will be whisked away on our Metro to Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee, home of the blues. On your quick trip on the Metro, you’ll be surrounded by several characters from Quaver DVD episodes including the Strong & Weak Beats, Chip Monk and the Note Ninjas.


When you arrive on Beale Street, an animated Quaver will appear to introduce The Blues.

The introduction lasts just a minute or so, but it is a great primer to the rest of the experience. To skip the intro, simply click the “Click to close Info!” script at the bottom of the page. Once Quaver is finished speaking the music level rises, the karaoke lyrics appear and you are fully enveloped in the sights and sounds of The Blues.


The MENU tab at the bottom of your screen is your key to navigating each venue. Click MENU to find your options for exploration!


Choose INFO to replay the Quaver information animation that introduced the musical style. Click at anytime to use as a review!

Select BOOK to open the Blues Venue Book –  an interactive resource with in-depth information on the history, origin, and key people connected to each musical style,


Once you click on BOOK, you will see that you have a choice between the basic and advanced version. Both the BASIC and ADVANCED versions have sound clips from the style and a quiz to assess how well students comprehend the information.


The Basic Venue Book displays the information using mainly pictures and sound clips.

This is great for the younger students and early readers!


The quiz is mainly picture-based keeping the assessment simple and clutter free.


The Advanced Venue Book goes into much more detail for older students. 

Words, diagrams, photos drawings, and audio are all used to relay the information. There are also cross-curricular and life skills opportunities found throughout all the different musical style books.


The ADVANCED quiz questions are multiple-choice and text-based. There are also more questions offered.


Back on the menu, the MAP is your next step – helping students connect geographically with the location important to each musical style.

The map is a great jumping off point for extension activities in Geography, World History, Culture and more!


And let’s not forget the MUSIC – next up on your MENU!

Your virtual radio highlights the distinguishing sounds of each style with original Quaver songs!

Note that when you begin your field trip to any particular musical style venue the music will begin to play to give you and your students an immersive experience. If you choose not to have the music playing in the background for any reason quickly jump over to the MUSIC icon and turn it down or off.

Also, you may toggle the karaoke lyrics on or off with the Lyrics box in the lower-right corner of the screen.


The next button is for the PUZZLE. Choose between PRACTICE, EASY, MEDIUM and HARD, and race against the clock!


Finally we have the MATCHING GAME. Similarly to the PUZZLE: click start, choose your difficulty level and see if you can guess all the matches before time runs out.

Both the PUZZLE and the MATCHING GAME record your scores and give you medals for completing each level! Visit the Awards Case in your music room to see all your awards represented.

Take a Virtual Field Trip to any of Quaver’s Style Venues for a fun and exciting way to explore about different genres of music from around the world!

Many of the Venues are FREE! Teachers can unlock premium venues that require QuaverNotes (the virtual currency of, using the One-Day Pass Feature in your Teacher Admin Panel!

Looking for more help with your Gradebook & Teacher’s Admin Panel? Will be back next week to discuss how to use it, and how to best administer your students’ progress!

See you then!



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