A Hip-Hop Web Quest for QuaverMusic.com

by Abby @ Quaver on July 15, 2013

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled training posts to bring you another great Web Quest from New Hampshire teacher Catie Dwinal! Training Guru Chris will be back next week with more how-to fun. 

Check out Catie’s original 15 amazing quests and last month’s on Music, Movies, and Emotion!

The best way I’ve found to use QuaverMusic.com is to give what I call web quests to my students – a series of steps that direct a student around the website to make it a meaningful lesson or experience. I give a short and sometimes funny introduction and lay out the steps they need to complete.

Exploring Hip-Hop

Write on the board before class: Hip-Hop is all about the right words and the right moves to show off your swagger, take a walk through the steps below and discover if you’ve got what it takes.

  • Visit the Hollywood Bowl – To be able to sing Hip-Hop, you first have to learn its roots! Head to the Hollywood Bowl venue on the Metro and read the Hip-Hop Book as you listen to the Quaver tunes. I dare you to answer the questions at the end!

Hip-Hop Book

  • Move to the Beat – You ready to learn the right moves? Head to the QStudio and go into QDancer.
    • Create a routine with at least 8 moves – Try using 4 Traveling Moves and 4 Stationary moves.
    • You older kids can make it even cooler with 2 Traveling moves to the left and 2 to the right! Be careful not to fall off the stage!
    • Add a background beat and watch your routine performed on stage!

hip-hop dance

  • It’s Your Turn to DJ – Write at least a 3-sentence rhyming poem on a sheet of lined paper found on the supplies table. Now go to QBackBeat in Quaver’s Studio and create a beat to rap your poem lyrics. Try to rap it in a steady beat like they did in the Hip-Hop Bowl. Get ready to perform it for the group when you’re done!

QBackBeat Hip-Hop

You can even take your hip-hop quest mobile by incorporating QDancer for iPad!

What would you add to this Web Quest Adventure?
Try it with your students, and let us know what you think!


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