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by Abby @ Quaver on July 8, 2013

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Murphy Welcome to our Summer Training Series with everyone’s favorite Teacher Training Guru – Chris Murphy! These posts will help new users of Quaver’s Marvelous Music Essentials Program! Come back every Monday for another step-by-step training session!

This week we’re exploring what we like to call “Quaver’s Secret Sauce” – the Online Quaver Classrooms!

Our Online Quaver Classrooms are the hub for all the interactive teaching resources that accompany Quaver’s Marvelous Music Essentials Program.

Today’s post is meant as a general overview of all that the Classrooms have to offer. The resources inside are so vast that it would take days to go through each one! Walk step-by-step with me through this post, and you’ll have the tools you need to explore at your own speed from here on out.

Navigating to your Online Quaver Classrooms

To access your Classrooms, log in to QuaverMusic.com with your QuaverName & Password and click on the Bus Stop Sign!

If you followed the steps in our first three things a Quaver Teacher should do post, then you are all set up with a Quaver Account that is linked to your Quaver Essentials Order. If you click on the bus stop and are asked for a Quaver Code, then please return to this post for help. Once you enter your Quaver Code once – you’ll never have to do it again!

bus stop sign

The big yellow bus, driven by a long-necked giraffe, will whisk you away to Quaver’s School of Music! During this animation you can always push the blue Fast Forward button in the middle of the screen to jump directly to the teaching tools!

Once inside the school you’ll see two main items on the screen, the School Bulletin Board (which we explored in our first training session), and a Signpost labeled Quaver’s Classrooms. Click anywhere on the Quaver’s Classrooms area, and we are off to the races!

Exploring the contents of your Online Quaver Classrooms?

At this point –  the Classroom screen may vary from user to user, depending on what Quaver Essentials DVDs you own. If there are greyed-out areas of this screen, those Classrooms are tied to episodes that you don’t yet own. Click on any of the episodes you own – visible in color – to find out what’s inside!

This menu is organized in four sections that correspond with the four units of the DVDs: Music Theory, Instruments & Ensembles, Composers & Music History, Music Styles.

Let’s open the Rhythm Classroom, located in Unit 1: Music Theory, that corresponds to Episode 4 on Rhythm.

Welcome to your Rhythm Classroom!

You’ll see six sections inside this and every Online Quaver Classroom:

  1. Teacher Guide: This is a digital, PDF version of the Teacher Guide that you received in your order. This digital copy is the most up to date and accurate version – representing any changes or corrections we’ve made to the Guide over time. We also added additional music standards that are found in each episode. For a complete list of our changes and corrections visit QuaverMusic.com/TGUpdates.
  2. Worksheets: Find digital versions of the worksheets in your Teacher Guide for ease of printing, PLUS additional worksheets not in your printed Guide! Print as many as you need, right from your Classroom.
  3. Music Scores: Each episode has a marquee song that is used to teach the lesson’s objectives or to highlight key terms from the episode. Under Music Scores we offer several different ways for you or your students to view, print and play the song. Guitar & Vocal, Piano Reduction, Vocal and Lyric layouts are available for all songs. Often, Original Key and Easy Key layouts are available as well.
  4. Musical Tracks: Here you’ll find additional songs that are represented in each episode as well as songs that may not be in the DVD episode but are needed for different activities from your Teacher Guide.
  5. Extra Credit: These bonus activities are great for students who want to dig deeper in the subject matter – or as a special cross-curricular project for the whole class!
  6. IWB Activities: If you haven’t explored the Classrooms before, you may want to sit down for this one. These Interactive Whiteboard Activities have been known to blow teachers away with the sheer amount of fun and learning in every board! Leveled vocabulary training, sing-along songs, interactive games, composer boards, cross-curricular learning, fill-in-the-blanks, video replays and more are all waiting to be explored in every Classroom.
  7. Quaver Quiz: Each episode has a summary assessment tool built in for you to test your students’ retention of the lesson. Quaver’s Quirky Quiz is a fun, interactive 10-question quiz complete with Quaverific sound effects and moving pieces. After each question is correctly answered, the information is reviewed via a video clip from the episode. The Quirky Quiz is great for  a class participation activity, but if you would like to give the test individually you can print off the quiz from the “Worksheets” tab and hand it out to each student.
  8. Teacher Toolbox: Extra! Extra! Read all about it! We created the Teacher Toolbox as a hub for all the bonus Interactive Whiteboard Activities you can use in your classroom regardless of the day’s lesson objectives. Playable instruments, a metronome, games, a stopwatch, quiz buzzers, soundboards, virtual instrument anatomies with built in sounds, orchestration layouts, and more are all available at your disposal. This Teacher Toolbox is the same regardless of what Classroom is selected, so it’s ready for you when you need it.


As you can see, there’s so much in your Online Quaver Classrooms, that you really must dig in and experience it all for yourself!

Also, remember that we are here to help as well.

Feel free to email (info@QuaverMusic.com) or call (866-917-3633) our customer service department, and we will do all we can to answer your questions as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Until next time, happy exploring!
Let us know what questions you still have about your Online Quaver Classrooms!

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