The First 3 Things a New Quaver Teacher Should Do!

by Abby @ Quaver on June 24, 2013

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Murphy This Summer we’re launching a series of blog posts dedicated to helping new users of Quaver’s Marvelous Music Essentials Program! Come back every Monday for another step-by-step training session with Chris Murphy – a Quaver Road Warrior and our lead Teacher Training Expert.

If all the videos, teacher guides and website possibilities seem overwhelming to you, Chris is here to help you feel better prepared and more able to dive into all of what Quaver has to offer.

I Ordered Quaver for my Classroom, Now What!?
The First 3 Things You Should Do

Today’s training trio will help you get acquainted with your Quaver Essentials even before your order arrives.

Before you dive in, check your email: After your order is placed you will receive a confirmation email with the all important Quaver Code for access to all the teaching tools at If you didn’t get an email with your Quaver Code – contact us right away! If someone other than you ordered Quaver for you, we may not have received your correct information, so help us help you out!

Step One: Create an Account at

The DVDs coming to you in the mail are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Quaver. There’s a wealth of resources waiting for you online that correspond with every topic-based episode PLUS loads of extras. All you have to do is log on!

  • Bookmark or favorite for easy access in your web browser. Here’s how to bookmark in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox for starters!
  • Click the SIGN UP window in the upper right hand corner of the homepage.

  • Complete all the fields in the Sign Up Form and be sure to enter that Quaver Code we talked about!

    Remember, the Quaver Code is a unique, 6-digit code found on your order form that opens the door to the online resources associated with your order. Once you input your Quaver Code here, you will never need to input it again, so don’t worry about trying to keep it handy or memorizing it!

    If you have already signed up at before you had your Quaver Code, simply click on the LOG IN window, instead of the SIGN UP window and you’ll be given an option to enter you Quaver Code after you enter your Quaver Name and Password.

  • Click the SUBMIT button, and congratulations, you are an official member of the universe! You can now Log In and begin enjoying the site! is divided into two main areas. The majority of the site can be explored by students and teachers alike via the MAP, while teacher-only features are accessed from the BUS STOP.

Step Two: Explore the Map

The Map is the easiest way for kids and teachers to navigate

  • Click on the MAP tab in your site toolbar ANYWHERE on the site!

  • The MAP tab gives you a bird’s-eye view of – all the rooms and activities in each room. Here are four ways to make the most of the Map functionality:
    1. Click in any box (Metro, Lab, Shop, Music Room, Studio) to be taken to that area of the website.
    2. Hover your mouse over the separate boxes and all the activities in each area will appear.
    3. Click “Show All” in the bottom-left to display all the activities all the time.
    4. Click “To Quaver Street” in the top-right to return to the homepage.



Step Three: Take the Bus to your Teacher Only Resources 

Now that you can easily find anything on the kid’s site it’s time to dig into the teacher-only area of the website.

  • Click the Bus Stop sign or yellow Teacher Tab to be transported to the Teacher Dashboard. (Feel free to Fast Forward through the commute!) Only teachers who have entered their Quaver Code can access these features, and students do not have access to this area.


  • Explore The Teacher Dashboard – it’s full of helpful applications and teaching resources.
    • Quaver’s World Music – a look at percussion instruments from around the world with over 40 minutes of video!
    • Bach’s Brain – video vignettes that tell true stories from the lives of famous composers and teach important life skills.
    • A Shortcut to the Music-Making Creatives in Quaver’s Studio
    • ClassPlay – Quaver’s hub of interactive song-based learning activities that teach music concepts, skills, and movement through folk, traditional, holiday, patriotic, and original Quaver song literature
  • Click on the Quaver’s Classrooms Sign Finally – we’ve made it to the area of the website where you, as the teacher, may spend most of your time. You’ll see that there is a Classroom for each episode that Quaver offers. Under each episode you’ll find eight areas under the Classroom Menu.
    • A printable version of the Teacher Guide
    • Worksheets
    • Music Scores
    • Music Tracks
    • Extra Credit Resources
    • IWB Activities
    • An interactive Quaver Quiz
    • and a Teacher Toolbox full of extra IWB activities that are useful across many of the topic-based lessons.The hundreds of possibilities that live behind these tabs will bring your classroom to life, and are the keys to connecting the episodes to the existing lesson plans. Explore until your heart’s content!

Now that you have signed up and explored the two main areas of, you are en route to becoming a Quaver All-Star!

The best way to become familiar with all that has to offer is to set aside a few minutes a day to explore both the kid’s site and the teacher’s only area.

Also, remember that we are here to help as well.

Feel free to email ( or call (866-917-3633) our customer service department, and we will do all we can to answer your questions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Thanks, and I look forward to next time where I’ll give you three tips for tackling Quaver once your package arrives!

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1 Jared Easley June 24, 2013 at 5:08 pm

Great step-by-step instructions! This is very helpful. Thank you Chris!


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