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by Abby @ Quaver on June 20, 2013

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Quaver Programmer Adam is back to dig deeper into our debut mobile app – QDancer Mobilenow available on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch!


Hello, everyone! Today I want to talk about some of the differences between the web and mobile versions of QDancer, and why we decided to make those changes. It has been a long (and fun!) journey working on QDancer, and it’s great to finally see it released!


The most common way to hold a tablet is to place one hand on each of the bottom corners. We put our most-used buttons near the bottom of the screen to make them easy to use! Not only will it take less time for a person to move her hand to the button that she wants, but also she won’t be blocking the screen with her hand by touching buttons at the top. The buttons at the top of the screen – such as the navigation buttons in QDancer Mobile – change something big in the application, like moving to another screen.


Touch Technology

You may also notice that there are no scroll bars in QDancer Mobile. This is because the normal way to scroll things in mobile space is to actually drag the object with your finger. And to remove a move from the timeline would require a long press. Taking advantage of touch technology helped drive our decisions quite a bit. Using QDancer Mobile should feel natural to mobile users!


Another large change in the way the mobile version works is how lighting is displayed on the timeline. We felt like it would be very helpful to see more detailed information about exactly what is going on with the lights during each beat in the routine. In our iPad version, it’s now possible to see the exact color and intensity of every light at a glance! This makes it much easier to make lighting decisions when designing a dance. (Lighting options are limited to iPad 2, iPhone 4S, and iPod Touch 5th generation and newer on each device)


No In-App Purchases

We also wanted to make sure that people got as much value for their money as possible with QDancer Mobile, which is why every dance move and piece of scenery come included. This way, people can feel free to create any kind of routine they want, with all available dance moves!

Most of the changes in the mobile version of QDancer involved the way the application is used, but the core of QDancer remained largely untouched. Our goal was to create something that still had the Quaver flavor, but also was viable on a mobile device. Thanks for all of the feedback on the way, and we look forward to even more as we support the app going into the future!

Learn more about the QDancer App for iPad and iPhone at!

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