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by Abby @ Quaver on June 18, 2013

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New Hampshire teacher Catie Dwinal is back with another great Web Quest!

Check out her original 15 amazing quests!

The best way I’ve found to use is to give what I call web quests to my students – a series of steps that direct a student around the website to make it a meaningful lesson or experience. I give a short and sometimes funny introduction and lay out the steps they need to complete.

Movies, Music, and Emotions

Write on the board before class: Do you know how much work it takes to create those movies we all love to watch? Go through these steps to discover how important picking the right words and music is to creating the right human emotions and reactions in a movie.

  • Visit Francis Scott Key – When creating a movie there are many things that contribute to creating the setting, building that scene that emotes the thoughts and emotions the director hopes for. Words can sometimes be the most powerful. Find the Phonebox in Quaver’s Shop and travel through time to visit with Francis Scott Key. Find the Francis Scott Key Audio Drama, and listen to how he describes the night he wrote the Star Spangled Banner and try to imagine the scene in your head.

Francis Scott Key Audio

  • Make your own QSoundFX – Can you be a SoundFX artist? Head to QSoundFX in the Quaver Lab and pick the video of Quaver blowing a piece of bubble gum. Now pick the sounds, place them where you want them to go, and see how your creation turns out. Does it feel right to you? Can changing sounds make your emotions go from happy to sad or vice versa?

Bubblegum QSoundFX

  • Write an original QSkit – Get ready to create your own play using the talented Debussy, Beethoven and Vivaldi as your actors! Click on QSkits in Quaver’s Music Shop. Can you create a scene where the actors are upset but it gets your audience laughing? Try to turn the tables, make sure to use those sound effects to help you!



What would you add to this Web Quest Adventure?
Try it with your students, and let us know what you think!

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