A Message from the Music Room: Kilby Elementary

by Abby @ Quaver on June 6, 2013

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled day to bring you just ONE of the dozens of great reports we receive from Quaver teachers around the country.

This message comes to us from Kilby Elementary School music teacher Rudene Jones in Woodbridge, VA . . .

I just wanted to say a huge THANKS to QUAVER!

Our school is new to the Quaver resources this semester, but we’re trying out as many activities as we can build into our current music program. My students LOVE Quaver, and I wanted to share a few stories from our music class this semester:

1. Cooking with Rhythm

For the last two weeks, we’ve been focusing on Rhythm.  They’ve loved listening to the rhythm patterns I tap on the percussion instruments, then writing the rhythms they hear with the “musical rhythm dough.”  Students are so excited when they get to the music room door and see the Music Chef (that’s me!) with my hat and apron on, ready to cook! We had a fire drill during class, and administrators were asking my students what was going on in the music room, why did Ms. Jones have a chef’s hat on her head?!


Needless to say, I’ve had more visitors lately to see all that’s going on,
and that is a BIG plus for our Fine Arts program.

2. Tic QAC Toe

This last week, we used the Tic QAC Toe IWB activity, and even the 5th graders loved using the Fly Swatters to choose the correct rhythm pattern.


3. Bouncing to the Beat

We love the Hit It! musical track from the Beat Classroom.  We use it often for bouncing basketball to whole, half, and quarter notes.  It’s the perfect length of music to assess which students can identify the note values, then move on the next group.  It’s fun to see them bouncing the basketballs with the music like they’re actually basketball players!


4. Big Winner!

Everyone is still talking about the fun time they had when students got to video chat with Quaver via Skype! It was a Digital Learning Day success! One student named Eva won a Quaver t-shirt during the chat, and she was so excited! Her mother even came to school for the Morning News presentation for the entire school to see Eva receive her Quaver prize!


I love learning more about what’s available from the Quaver Webinars.

I teach private piano lessons on Tuesday afternoons and can’t tune in when the webinars are live.  So, every Tuesday that there’s a new recording, I’m up watching that night.

So, for that and all these great resources I say THANKS! Can’t wait to see and hear about all that’s coming next!


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1 Ben Sexton June 6, 2013 at 8:56 pm

What a TERRIFIC story! Keep us posted about how Quaver is making a difference in your classroom and in the lives of your students this next school year. :)


2 Angela June 6, 2013 at 9:31 pm

Great job Mrs. Jones!!! Thanks for bringing a state of the art music program to Kilby!


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