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by Abby @ Quaver on May 21, 2013

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RobertWelcome to the blog Robert Murry: Assistant Web Coordinator for, and one of the newest team members at Quaver HQ!

We asked Robert to share what working for Quaver has been like the past few months.

Take it away Robert . . .

I started at Quaver at the end of last year, and I must say that there are two things that amaze me about this company.

  1. The first would have to be the level of passion that everyone here exhibits on a daily basis. In the short time I’ve been here, I haven’t talked to anyone who doesn’t believe in what we’re doing. Every discussion, every company meeting, and even at company events I’ve seen people bring a huge part of themselves to the table. Coming from jobs where most people were only in it for the paycheck, it’s really amazing to see a company where it seems that no one, from top to bottom, has lost their fire.
  2. The second thing that I noticed right away was the family-like atmosphere. On just my second day here it seemed like everyone in the company was greeting me by name and going out of their way to make me feel welcome.


I soon realized that the atmosphere felt pretty familiar to me! I went to St. Vincent de Paul, a small school just up the road here in Nashville, for 1st through 8th grade.  When I graduated 8th grade the total number of students at that school was under 200, and my graduating class had 12 people in it. Most of us had been together since we were 5 years old, so needless to say we were a very tight-knit group.

As I grew older I realized how rare an atmosphere like that is and that I had truly been blessed to be brought up that way. I never thought I would find that same type of atmosphere in a professional setting.

But when I came to Quaver I was more than pleasantly surprised.

We’re the type of company where people hug each other when they get together on weekends. Kids of people who work here invite each other to birthday parties and have sleepovers. The best part of all of this passion is that it shows through in everything we do. I can see it in every meeting we have, every video we’ve done, and every Creative we put up on the website.


I recently traveled with the Marketing team to a convention in Erie, Pennsylvania and saw firsthand the way our road crew engages with people and really cares about what they need as teachers.

I’ve personally seen email exchanges between my supervisor and a teacher, where he helped the teacher step by step through a problem. This being my first non-customer facing job, I always imagined working in an office would keep me locked away from experiences like that, but the truth is we can’t hide our passion here. People here don’t “move the meat,” every one of our customers is important to us. If they have a problem we can’t solve, we take it to heart. I’ve seen heated discussions and teary eyes when it comes to solving problems for our teachers, and most of them have come from the veterans here at Quaver. It’s heartening to see people who still take things this hard when they don’t go right.


I consider myself very lucky to be here at Quaver, and to help further our mission to be the most trusted global brand in music education for children of all ages.



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1 Valerie Diaz Leroy May 22, 2013 at 12:00 pm

What an absolutely lovely family you have!


2 Ben Sexton May 22, 2013 at 12:48 pm

I couldn’t agree with you more! When I was invited into the fold as a QACer and then as a member of the Curriculum writing team, I was not only welcomed like a member of the family, but so was my wife. I don’t know of many companies that treat the spouse as well or better than the employee, so three cheers for the Quaver Family’s stance on families! Hip! Hip! Hooray!


3 Marcus Johnson May 22, 2013 at 2:04 pm

I agree with you, Robert…the Quaver Team is truly a family. I enjoy working with you and the rest of the team as a QACer; I’ve never seen a company quite like this before–it’s very refreshing!


4 Rachel D. Oneal June 4, 2013 at 6:21 pm

I agree with you, Robert…the Quaver Team is truly a family. I enjoy working with you and the rest of the team as a QACer; I’ve never seen a company quite like this before–it’s very refreshing!


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