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by Abby @ Quaver on May 15, 2013

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Marcus and QuaverHouston teacher Marcus Johnson is back with news from another Qmunity MeetUp in Houston!

Read about his district meet up 1
and 2!

Music rooms all over Houston continue to thrive, educate, and inspire, thanks to dedicated music teachers and the most incredible resource on the face of the planet…Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music!

My colleagues and I had our third Quaver Qmunity MeetUp in April; with each one, more and more excitement is generated for Quaver.

This month was all about Music History!

Each year, our school district conducts a Music Memory contest, where students are given a listening sample and are expected to name the piece and who composed it. What better way to introduce Music Memory than to take a trip through music history, with Quaver as our tour guide?

A number of teachers already knew about places on the website where they could generate a buzz among the students, such as the Phone Box, where we spent a little time with John Phillip Sousa . . .


. . . and the Metro, where we got a general understanding of the Classical Music genre.


If you haven’t unlocked these portions of the website yet, then use your Quaver Notes to do so! Your students will think that you’re the Quaver Master!

What some of our teachers hadn’t found, however, was all the resources in the Online Quaver Classrooms. To the school bus we went!

One of the composers in the year’s Music Memory event is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. We took some time to have a conversation with him via the Mozart Composer Board.

Talk to Mozart

To access: Take the Bus to the Teacher’s Only Area of QuaverMusic.com, click on the sign post for Music History & Composers, click on the Classical Period, then on IWB Activities, and finally, Talk to Mozart!

While there, we had a geography lesson, where we found out where he lived—great for reinforcing social studies in the music room (Who says we music teachers don’t integrate?).

The teachers got even more excited when we concluded our time with Mozart by watching an episode of Bach’s Brain!


Our teachers left this month’s MeetUp well-equipped with great tools to bring Music Memory to life in their music rooms!

Everyone is looking forward to our final Quaver Qmunity MeetUp in May. What a great way to dive into QuaverMusic.com with other passionate music teachers!

We’d love to see more teachers across the country leading Qmunity MeetUps like this one. If you’re interested in hosting a Meetup in your district, contact us today!

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