Behind-the-Scenes: Creation of a Quaver Webinar

by Abby @ Quaver on May 13, 2013

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Have you ever wondered what really goes on behind the scenes of a live webinar at Quaver HQ?
What does Quaver’s shop really look like on the inside?
Who are those people clapping and laughing off screen?

In preparation for our FINAL webinar of the Spring Semester (hint: tomorrow!), we’re taking a peek at the inner-workings of a live webinar, with some help from the team of Quaverites who make it happen!

Video Editor Chris Cowley and his team put together this run-down of a busy webinar day, along with a video breakdown to bring it to life: 

8:00AM – Arrive at Quaver HQ

Associate Producer Hannah and Script Supervisor Brandon use the Webinar Run-Down (prepared by Hannah and Producer Steve Gilreath) to fine-tune discussion topics and receive updates from other departments. After the topics are assembled and transferred to the teleprompter software, Hannah begins to create the slides and graphics to be presented in the webinar, while Matt updates our Countdown with the day’s key topics so viewers know what to expect when they tune in.

The Quaver Studio, ready for action!

12:30PM – Studio set-up

We move to the studio where all of the magic happens! Beth (our administrative genius and lighting director) sets and focuses lights for the set, while Video Editors Matt and Chris set up cameras, teleprompters, computers, and navigate the bundles of audio/visual cables needed to run the show.

Chris at the control board, ready to go!

1:30PM – Rehearsal

Quaver appears on set for a run-through of today’s topics. Steve guides the team through the entire webinar 2 or 3 times to rehearse all the transitions and guest appearances, and to make sure the whole team is bringing their A game. Steve will also be the one calling out the camera shot changes, graphics, and pre-recorded footage that will be shown during the webinar. We’re a busy team, and when Steve is on the road meeting teachers, Hannah steps up to the directing plate!

3:30PM – Lights, cameras, action!

As the team takes to their places, we begin the countdown. “And we’re live,” exclaims Steve as the countdown video plays from the media computer up to our UStream channel. Each webinar is recorded live and stored online for on-demand playback. As our Sound Engineer Bert mixes audio levels, Matt runs the cameras, Brandon mans the teleprompters, Hannah at the graphics station, and Chris switches the live shots with Steve’s command, Quaver becomes the star of the show as he delivers new and exciting information with his trademark charisma and wit!

Abby and Quaver during a webinar this year!

The next twenty minutes seem like a blur as Quaver shows teachers new features or new ways to use our teaching resources. Blog Guru Abby chats with teachers in the comments, while Quaver answers any questions they may have live. Before we know it, Quaver is signing off to our audience . . . 

“And we’re out,” says Steve as the fader on our video switcher fades to black and our UStream slideshow picks up where it left off. Hi-fives are exchanged all around as we have put on another successful show. The hard work of everyone on our team comes together to bring hands-on help to our teachers – and that’s worth it every time!

Watch Quaver Webinars anytime on our Ustream Channel!

Tune in to our FINAL live show of the semester tomorrow, Tuesday, May 14th at 4:30PM EST, and join us as we explore what’s new in Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music!

More instructions on how to participate in a webinar are available here!

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1 Ben Sexton May 13, 2013 at 5:59 pm

This is ULTRA COOL! I think that it is a brilliant clip to show our older students all of the “ins and outs” of making not only a webinar, but any sort of live broadcast. There might be a few of the next great television producers sitting in our classrooms. Maybe even the next Steve Gilreath… Love ya, Steve! Great work everyone!


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