Renewal Time with Otto!

by Abby @ Quaver on May 9, 2013

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Hello my absolutely amazingly phenomenal music teachers!

MeetOttoOtto here, saying hello from Customer Service Central at Quaver HQ! Rob, Chris, Bradley and I are waiting by the phone to help you make the most out of Quaver in your classroom. *Round of applause*

No, seriously…. I know you all have been waiting a LONG time to see my beautiful face. Well, HERE I AM! Now, let’s get down to business! *Rubs hands together*

While I have a minute between phone calls, I have 3 important points to make:

#1: You are undoubtedly the most marvelous teachers on this planet!

Not one OUNCE of exaggeration there! Every time I think I’ve heard a story from the greatest music teacher ever, I get another call that tops it!

I see how you’ve been delving through the IWBs, Quaver-quizzing your students, watching the Webinars (did you see my guest appearance last week?), Class-playing your classroom and so much more! I am super excited for each of you utilizing every resource available . . . which brings me to point #2:


It’s super imperative that you get those PO’s, School Credit Cards, lunch money, Checkbooks and loose change ready for your renewals before the principal says, “Nope, no more money for you!” We want to keep all of you updated with every new feature we add to the website. Let’s face it; Quaver is loaded with more teaching tools than you can get to in a single year or even two, and we’re adding more all the time.

Renewing your license to our online tools will give you continued access to:

  • All the IWB activities and Quaver Quizzes you love in your Online Quaver Classrooms
  • Bach’s Brain videos
  • Quaver’s World Music Area
  • The Teacher Admin Panel
  • Your summer preview of ClassPlay (PLUS a song for every grade level even after the Preview ends!)
  • And . . . *cue point #3

#3 Customer Service Help

One could get lost amidst the hundreds of IWBs, quizzes, Webinars, curriculum talk, ClassPlay and . . . and . . .  AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! There’s so much! Sometimes it’s great to simply have someone there that can walk you through this big hodgepodge of Quaver goodness.

That is exactly why I’m here, in this blog and at Quaver HQ!

If you or any other new/current Quaver user simply needs a “basic training” or walk-through of our materials, don’t hesitate to give us a call to get answers or set up a Skype Call with me!

That’s right, folks. I’ll personally walk you through some ins and outs of our materials online, taking as much time as you need to feel comfortable and confident in using Quaver in your classroom. I promise it will be fun!

Here at Quaver, we are dedicated to igniting a passion and love for music in both children and adults alike! Everything we do is centered on that goal, which is why I love being a part of the team and working to help make our vision your reality!

Uh oh! I think I hear the phone ringing! Gotta go! DON’T FORGET TO RENEW!!!

Give Otto and team a call anytime at 866-917-3633 or shoot him an email at

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1 Elise Y. Howe May 13, 2013 at 4:03 pm

Our school music department strives to create the most engaging and interactive music lessons for our students each week. We do this in several ways but have recently been looking at how we can accomplish this by integrating more technology into daily lessons. Bringing technology into the music classroom presents a unique challenge, in that, resources are limited and finding good quality music software and multi-media music programs adds costs that our program simply cannot afford. We have been given wonderful technological tools such as teacher laptops, MacBooks, SMARTBoards, Projectors, iPads and Slates. However, in order to use these tools effectively and efficiently, we need quality music software and interactive multi-media programs.


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