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by Abby @ Quaver on May 7, 2013

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Quaver teacher Sarah Jensen of St. Anne’s School in Bismarck, North Dakota is back and diving into QSkits with her class:

Take it away, Sarah . . .

QSkits Fun

As a reward for working so hard on their concert pieces, my 6th graders got a “Quaver Day” with the laptops.

They typically spend Quaver Days working on assignments I’ve sent them using the Teacher Admin Panel. I am totally amazed with the way they have gone above and beyond with the simple form assignments that I gave them!

I showed them how to enter their finished product in a contest and for an added bonus, anyone who brought me proof that they won a Gold Record would get a jolly rancher candy.

I ran out of jolly ranchers in 2 weeks.

Today we took a break from the Quaver Creatives and decided to try the newest addition to the kid site: 2

A few days ago, I watched the webinar where Quaver introduced QSkits and then tried it at home with my 3 and 6 year old children. They had so much fun recording their voices and hearing the Busts say things that I was sure the kids at school would love it. Little did I know!!

I gave my 6th graders a short lesson on how to drag the icons onto the script and how to record their voices. It took about 5 minutes of class and then the kids were off creating their own skits. As soon as they were logged in I kept hearing screams (from the Busts) and then giggles from the kids (especially my boys!)

photo 1

These weren’t your normal giggles- they were the kind where you can’t help but laugh along with their belly laughs.

One boy was laughing so hard that when he brought up his laptop for me to watch his skit, I had to ask why it had water drops all over it. He said, “So sorry, Mrs. J but that’s where I was laughing so hard that it got all over my computer.” Gross- but at the same time- SO COOL!

Next up for these kids will be a few more “serious” skits on different musical topics – like music history with the Busts.

I can’t wait to get started!

photo 3

As teachers we always try to find new ways to get our kids engaged in what we are teaching. With the Quaver Creatives, I don’t have to try! The kids (even my tough to reach ones) are excited and ready to learn!

I saw more laughs and smiles today than I have seen all year from these kids.

It made made my day AND the rest of my week! THANK YOU QUAVER!

We love seeing these kind of smiles! Thanks Sarah!

Have you tried QSkits with your students yet?

QSkits is located in Quaver’s Music Shop. Log in to and click on the Shop tour to enter, then click on the Busts of Beethoven, Debussy, and Vivaldi to get started. Visit the Help Menu within QSkits for step-by-step instructions!

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