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by Abby @ Quaver on May 2, 2013

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Everyone has their favorite features at QuaverMusic.com – the go-to activities they love to use. Catie Dwinal – a regular face around the Quaver Blog for her Web Quest and Lesson Planning greatness – is sharing hers today:

Take it away, Catie:

Every morning, I log into my computer and pull up what I will need for that day’s lessons – a word document with my class greetings for the day, a YouTube playlist for our dance breaks, some recorder or xylophone music, and of course: QuaverMusic.com.

I log into QuaverMusic.com every single day, and I leave it active until the last class adjourns. I might not be showing a Quaver episode everyday or even have my students working on the website themselves, but I am still in the site.

So why do I log in everyday? That’s easy – the Online Quaver Classrooms. When you purchase any part of Quaver’s physical DVD product, you get access to two full years of the corresponding Classrooms full of worksheets, audio tracks and my favorite, the interactive whiteboard activities. I use the IWB activities on a daily basis.

Here are my Top 3 Quaver IWB Activities and how I enjoy them with my students.

Patterns with Bob & Dillon // Rhythm Classroom


Bob and Dillon are rock stars in our classroom. They appear in the Same and Different Patterns IWB Activity found in the Rhythm classroom. We will pull this out as a 5-minute filler game.

My younger students and I will make it into a movement activity where if they are the same they stand on Bob’s side of the room or if they are different they stand with Dillon’s side of the room. We also point, shout, whisper, and even dance the right answers.

Taking it a step further with my older students we will hand out percussion instruments and repeat each pattern Bob and Dillon play and then figure out the right answer afterward. This activity is great for rhythm practice, same and different patterns, and listening!

Note and Rest Grab – Fish // Duration Classroomnoteandrest

I recently used this as a center activity during centers week. It turned into a giant multi-grade competition for the highest score. One of my 5th graders took the top prize getting a QuaverMusic.com sticker the next week after centers were over.

When I do centers, the students are in small groups of no more than 5 and rotate between 4 different activities during the week. At this center I had one of my iPads hooked up to my teacher computer through the Splashtop app (You can have them use just the computer if that works better), and had one iPad at the station. They sat in a row to determine order and each took a turn playing the activity in game mode. Students drag the correct note and rest fish to the correct bowl until they make a wrong move and the game ends. This board and the Soccer Note and Rest board in the same classroom are great small group activities for review!


Long and Short Sounds // Duration ClassroomScreen shot 2013-04-29 at 2.20.53 PM

I found this gem in the Duration classroom one day and decided my kindergarteners who were working on long and short sounds needed this board. We listened to the song, then we learned it, and sang it with the board as a class before discover the instrument Venn diagram together. If it was long they pulled their imaginary truck horns and if it was short they clapped like a seal. The great part about this board is my kindergarteners requested to do this board over and over because they loved to sing and dance with it so much. They all became long and short sound experts!

What are your favorite IWB activities in the Quaver Classrooms? How do you use them?

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1 Natalie May 2, 2013 at 5:27 pm

I also love the Tempo Treadmill and talking to the composers. The kids think the treadmill is so fun and hilarious (especially if you get it wrong.) And they love to talk to the composers. It’s like they get to travel back in time! :)


2 Dara May 3, 2013 at 2:53 pm

I have lots of favorite IWB’s. The soccer one, the falling notes…but my classes LOVE the fishbowls! They compete against each other to see who can score the highest…I am convinced that if I let them use an actual whiteboard (I don’t have one…or iPads either…YES I AM JEALOUS!) their scores would dramatically increase!!
We also like the activity where you use words to represent rhythms.
Keep ’em coming, Quaver!!


3 Jewell Tillman May 7, 2013 at 11:01 am

My students are already used to singing alone because I do the “So-mi’ attendance at the beginning of class where I sing their name with the pitches so-mi and they sing back “I’m here” with so-mi. I also find that using one of those toy microphones ($1.00 store) helps them sing out more. I hold the mic and point it at the student who is singing and even though it’s not close to their mouth, they still sing out wanting their voice to reach the mic. It’s like magic! (I use the mic trick a lot!) It’s a Halloween activity so if you can’t teach in a Halloween theme you can easily change the name and use a different container instead of a witches cauldron. I’ve changed it to a pumpkin theme and then it has magically become a harvest activity rather than Halloween. In fact, you can change it to any theme you want all year around!


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